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Old Growth Forest Action Day

On Tuesday, September 25th residents from around the Northwest will call for protection of our last remaining mature and old growth forests.

On Tuesday, September 25th residents from around the Northwest will call for protection of our last remaining mature and old growth forests. 90% of ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest have already been logged, yet 90% of planned logging in our public forests targets these last remaining mature and old growth forests.

At the proposed rate of logging, all unprotected mature and old growth forests in our public forests could be gone in 20-30 years! Many sales targeting mature and old growth forests in the Mt. Hood Nat'l Forest could be sold this year, including Solo (clear-cuts 216 acres of mature and old growth forest).

In Portland: Meet at 11:45 am at Waterfront Park (SW Ankeny & Waterfront) for a Rally & March. A Student Convergence and Critical Mass Bike Ride will join the Rally.

The rally will be followed by a March to the Forests Service to present demands which include cancellation of all current Mt Hood timber sales, no new sales in forest structures with trees 80 years or older, the cancellation of all 'Salvage Rider' and replacement volume timber sales, and no congressional legislative 'riders' to open ANWR to drilling. Activists will carry hundreds of hand-written letters from citizens to the Forest Service. At the rally Golden State Lumber who is the largest wood distributor in Northern California and 7th largest wood distributor in the Western US will make an announcement that it is phasing out distributing old growth wood products from its operation.

STUDENT CONVERGENCE: Meet at 11 am at the PSU Park Blocks to join students from Reed College, Lewis & Clark College, Portland State University and more!

CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE: Meet 10:30 am under the Burnside Bridge.

If possible, please bring a drum or noisemaker to the Rally & March as sound will be an important part of our event.


OLYMPIA - A Call In Day will be held in response to the need for constant watch and encouragement to our legislative representatives that citizens want our mature and old growth forests protected on public lands. Calls will be made to the Washington congress delegation to emphasize these points. Organizing will take place at The Evergreen State College, in Olympia, and also in Tacoma at Pacific Lutheran University. Cell and pay phones will be used from 10-2pm. While people are on the phones numerous letters will be written to the Washington delegation urging the ending of mature and old growth logging.

EUGENE - At the University of Oregon campus forest activists will parade banners and a giant 7 foot Stump down 13th street to the Student Union courtyard exclaiming the need to end the destruction of our last ancient forests. Activists will speak to the current threats to ancient forests within the Willamette National Forest. Specific examples such as the 300 acre North Winberry, the 184 acre East Devil, and the 110 acre Slap timber sales will be highlighted.

ROSEBURG A Native Forest Forum will be held at UCC's Timber Room from Noon to 1pm to inform the community of 'How Much Old Growth is Left in Douglas County' and why scientists want to protect the last ancient forests. Douglas County is the size of Connecticut (3,245,440 acres) with almost half of its acres in federal management. The presentation will also explore how many miles of roads are on OUR public national lands. The event is FREE and OPEN to the public. The no-host lunch will be served at the community college cafeteria adjacent to the forum.

ASHLAND - forest activists will converge @ noon on the Saturday Market to obtain petition signatures to Ashland Community Food store to withdraw their money from The Umpqua National Bank whose Chair Allan Ford also owns Roseberg Forests Products. Roseberg Forest Products is one of the most egregious loggers of Old Growth in the Oregon. This event is following a tree free parade on the SOU campus. These events kick off a month of forest defense activities.

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