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ZDF (Germany) Says State Department Official Hinted at Upcoming Attack

This is part of an email sent from a friend in Germany about reports just coming over television there. This was sent to me at 4:17 PM, EST.(Additions in parentheses mine, for clarification.)

Is the story appearing on the alternative independant media sites over there, yet? Because it's been all over German TV for the past hour. (I've been watching ZDF entirely, but I assume the other channels are carrying it too.)
I shouldn't expect your press to pick it up until they can "spin" it, as they say.

(German Chancellor Gerhard) Schroeder's office has announced that it is reconsidering support for Bush's "war on terrorists." The reason for this is a member of Schroeder's cabinet (not named yet) who says that he met with US State Department last month about anti-terrorism efforts. During the conversation he said that Germany felt held back in it's efforts. One of the State Department members said back to him "Just give us a month or so."


I can't verify this at the site, as I don't read German. Can anyone else? If this is true, it's...I won't say disturbing, since it's a vindication of everything I've suspected since this whole thing began.



homepage: homepage: http://www.zdf.de/hp/index.html
phone: phone: (212) 691-1948

War Plans 24.Sep.2001 14:38


I can read German, but could not find anything to the point on the page referenced. However, there is a piece on the BBC today that indicates the US planned to invade Afghanistan prior to 9/11.

No different than usual 25.Sep.2001 01:24

Just a worker

Random remarks made by State Department officials can't be taken to be 'proof' of a conspiracy to attack NYC and Washington,DC. Surely you would want some more evidence before deciding that there was a plot within the U.S.government to stage the attacks of 9/11/01.
And as for the U.S. having plans to invade Afghanistan - any U.S.military commentator would tell you that the U.S. has contingency plans to invade any country, including Canada and Great Britain. Having plans does not mean that they can or will be carried out.