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The Head of a Terrorist

Headliner of 9/22 NY Post has Deborah Orin reporting that the Feds are offering $25 Million for the "heads of the terrorists". Sorry if I missed Portland IMC with "Delusions of War?" Id=64528 and "Trapped in the Devil's Bargain" Id=65960 on www.indymedia.org.. Hope to get them posted here soon.
My Daddy said that it sounds like this War business is getting out of hand. Instead of concentrating on getting the guy who "knocked those buildings down" when he is standing over there by that "whitewashed wall" (Ez. 13:14); they are now after the heads of numerous terrorists. I've always suspected that Osama bin Laden was a mythical character anyway. It seems like every picture of him is different, and all bin Laden followers seem to look alike from age 15 on. As a result of this expansion of the search for the culprits, all of the lawless ones might now be fair game. In light of the total lawlessness that seems to permeate this country, the Feds might find themselves swamped with the heads of suspected terrorists from this country alone.

All along I thought that these lawless ones were destined to seek death and not find it (Jer. 8:3); but this call for heads certainly changes the picture. Can you see "Benjamin" or "Manasseh" bringing in a cartload of heads to collect the $25 mil dollar bounty on them. "Gee! I could have sworn they were the devil in disguise!" That would be Satan assuming the guise of an "angel of light", or his ministers assuming the role of "ministers of righteousness" (2 Cor. 11:14-15). This would certainly screw up plans for the "Messiahs in the Making" Id=43985. Of course the bountyhunters would be rebuked for bringing in professed "upstanding members of the community", especially if those were Bush Daddy's or his boy, "Narky's" heads; but the bountyhunters could always rely on God's promise to His holy people to counter any claims that there must be some mistake here; "After two days He will revive "them", on the third day He will restore "them" that "they" may live in His presence" (Hosea 6:2). "Just leave those heads right there, this is a test to see if their mission on earth is complete; thus we will see if "them bones gonna rise again"." As a result of the communication glitches that allow lawless fools to be called noble, the bountyhunters might end up never collecting because there probably won't be anyone left to collect from by the time they get all the lawless ones who support this terrorism and conceal their evilness with sweetness and professed holiness.

God Himself admits that these people who claim to be His people are as wicked as hell. God says, "Among my people are found wicked men...they set a trap, they catch men" (Jer. 5:26) etc.. "If they had stood in "His" counsel and caused "His" people to hear "His" words, then they should have turned from their evil way"(Jer. 23:22). Carlos Santana warned them too in his "Evil Ways": "You better change your evil ways, Baby, before I stop loving you! You gotta change, Baby, and every word that I say is true!". What the heck are they going to do with the heads of the alleged terrorists? Will they become the "idols" of the lawless ones? Will they end up at the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190? Let me warn you here that God has condemned him who "hath lifted up his eyes to the idols" (Ez. 18:12). This whole thing seems like a ruse to feed the buzzards; but at least these noble fools won't be plotting and scheming anymore. The Feds should have addressed this matter of what to do with the heads before they went and offered money for them. Since people will probably vouch for the holiness of some of them, all submitted heads will probably have to be retained in order to confirm if those were His holy ones. Are they going to line the streets with them? Mount them on fence posts? Are the Deadheads going to take care of them? Tell me if you know. Hasta luego, adios.

To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger


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Here's "Trapped in the Devil's Bargain" 23.Sep.2001 16:04

Bob na

If it posts that is. Check out www.imc. to see what happens when they let interlopers interfere.

Trapped in the Devil's Bargain"
by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger 11:45am Thu Sep 20 '01

The suppression of articles of mine like "Delusions of War?" Id=3252 in selected cities like Richmond, Atlanta, and Vancouver (UK too!)may be an attempt to promote NYC-like disasters in those cities. IMC Collectives seem to be at the forefront of this.

Since I learned that a warrior died in those towers, I've come to understand that there were probably a lot of warriors there. Through the suppression of my words on NYC IMC like they did on Atlanta IMC, interlopers were apparently able to herd together and target those who had read and acted on what I had written because my writings were only available to those who accessed them via Id#s. This is somewhat a fulfillment of Amos 8:12 with people being forced to go to an extreme to "seek the word of the Lord"; but the tables can easily be turned around if places where censorship still prevails were flooded with the material that they were trying to suppress. Then the the hunters can easily be made into the hunted (Is. 49:25). Instead of allowing them to restrict the word, let it spread, then they won't be able to target specific people and try to make it look like this is the consequence of heeding the word. The lawless ones have set a trap for their own lives by agreeing to never read any of what I have written (Prov. 1:18; Is. 28:15); thus if people are ready when they come looking for those who know of the word, it will be easy to ensure that they end up at the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190 or someplace like that. Below is a transcript of my dealing with one of those who was involved with the suppression of "Delusions of War" in Atlanta. Whether others like this are doing the same with my articles or they are just flooding the sites with nonsense, the more people who know what I have written, the better off everyone will be. It is worth getting to the bottom of what makes these IMC Collectives tick. This is a comment placed after "Delusions of War?" Atlanta IMC:

People,who seem to have no relationship to At
by Rambo 6:59pm Tue Sep 18 '01
Eat the  apple@fy.org

Your title sinks and offends me as a member of the Atlanta IMC.
I don't have anything to do with blocking or removing posts but I think that locally we should have a say in what's on this site.
Do you or your post have anything to do with life in Atlanta?
Could you post to an IMC in New York?
You seem to preach and it would be nice to have facts instead.
I can't stand preachers and was kicked out of church as I was kicked out of the US Marines in Vietnam.
The preachers had said,"Kill A Commie For Christ!
It is quite authoritarian to force your preaching on people!
Do you believe in choice?

Reply to Atlanta's "Rambo"

This is a reply to Atlanta IMC's "Rambo" who chastised me for "Atlanta's IMC Collective Supports War" Id=2145, which is currently inaccessible to me even by Id#.

Dear "Rambo"; You say that you are not responsible for the removal of any of my posts. Then who is? Why don't they come on and refute them? Not a one of them can write a coherent paragraph, including you! You say that I am writing fiction. Have you read Ids=1783, 1797, 1859, 1875-76, 1880, 1892, 1917, 1939, 1991, 2015, 2055, 2066, 2136, & 2145. Elijah was ripped from his mother's womb in Wheaton, Illinois in November 1995. Is that fiction? Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc were butchered in Cortland County in October 1996. Is that fiction? The massacre of the students who I had met from Columbine High School. Is that fiction. Coal-Gassification, the biggest crime of all time, billions of tons of toxified coal dumped worldwide. Is that fiction? Have you a better explanation for why the Persian Gulf War came out the way that it did, other than what I have written? If Secret Service is not the Storm Troopers of America, who are they? Why are there so many of them? What do they do? Why is Georgia so important to them? Were the chemical games of the Army Proving Grounds in Jesup, Georgia a delusion?

As for your role in the IMC Collective, are you a resident of Atlanta? How many on the Collective are residents of Atlanta? Why are there so many on this Collective that support a perverted outlook on freedom of speech? Was the formation of this Collective democratic? All of my attempts to contact such collectives or IMC administration have been blocked. I am sure that membership in the collective was restricted in a similar way. You were probably told to comment to me because none of your compatriots wanted to. I bet none of them have read anything that I have written either. Take those listed articles. Straighten out the staggered text and put them on front page. Then try to refute one word that I have written. Sign your name too. None of this rough tough steel-rimmed leatherneck anal talk. You have censored the truth or whatever of the truth that can be made known in order for the lawless ones to run roughshod over innocent people. You think that this does not pertain to Atlanta? Those school shootings in Atlanta were probably the same as Columbine. Atlanta's buildings can probably fall down the same as New York's. Toxified air and water is everywhere. As for your claim that I am preaching to you, you don't have to read it. I don't think that you can read because you can't write. Your main goal is to keep people in the dark so that the lawless ones can continue business as usual. Whether you are white or black, you are a very niggardly person for supporting this lawlessness. Enjoy it while you can. Respectfully, Bob

(So really there is no talking to these people, and that is why they usually remove my articles with nary a comment. I don't know if IMC can be made to stop letting such interlopers rule the sites; but there are ways around whatever schemes they come up with. Maybe the cities that get the word can inform those who don't. Best wishes.)
Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger