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Cure for war

Cure for war
Our whole society is violent from the unions that use government force to get their way to monopoly post office to "forcing" women to lose weight and worry about their hair (or else hear the haassment from men every second of their lives. This whole society is based upon force and coercion. From the "envirofnmentalist" that steals the farmers land for a sucker fish. To the tax man that steals our hard-earned money. It's all based upon force and coercion and can only result in more of the same. Let's privatize everything! Let the free market rule! Let the common street vendor sell. Let the cab driver work without a special permit. Let the beautician work without fancy ramps or permits! Basically, if we all just let everyone alone, got out of everyone's business, but our own, we'd have a better world (see Leonard Read for more on freedom).
What is property? 24.Sep.2001 14:20

j.p. proudhon

What is property?
Property is theft.