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Shared Gabriels Ready Of Helm Global Consciousness In Parentis or Spank Me Twice

We, the Auto Immune of Global Economics, need some group self help before protesters are killed in D.C. during S28 and we fill our patriotic-caused cavities with recently age-liberated American youth among new war dead. Shared Gabriels are beating more than their drums; they are beating us at the consciousness game. Fly a Human Rights flag, too.
'Shared Gabriels Ready The Helm Of Global Consciousness In Parentis or Spank Me Twice.'

We, the Auto Immune of Global Economics, need some group self help before protesters are killed in D.C. during S28 and we fill our patriotic-caused cavities with recently age-liberated American youth among new war dead. Shared Gabriels are beating more than their drums; they are beating us at the consciousness game. Fly a Human Rights flag, too.

'Shared Gabriel's Make A Survivor Guilt Judeo-Christian & Islamic Populaces Ready A Global Spanking With Threat Enforced Non-Sulking': I want that title heading in a globally circulated newspaper. It's that 'spank again if... ' thing; spank if you cry, spank if you don't pull together for family first, spank if you are patriotic enough cause you're not if you don't, ect... At least we are spared religious text verse over-flowing. I've only heard just enough verse for common ground building. It is the anthropological control factor of the masses that has me concerned.

The perished need our regret, love, and heartfelt condolences at their lives having been swindled. The survivors need this too. The symbologies of poetic justice, ugly though, are definitely too much to bear. If the USA were left with, fire extinguished World Trade Towers as battled skeletons of a skyscraper bone yard on the skyline of NYC, then WWIII would have ensued at the glaring insult to democracy and security of our nation and the UN. It still may.

WE, the Auto-Immune Syndromed of Global Economics, wish to return to a more social justice intent inalienable rights exchange and not genocide in NYC or another country in retaliation. As the environmental and social justice concerned, toppling the WTC in our minds over the last 30 years was only for primal visualization therapy where no one dies and was not intended to become reality: it was 'mindscape art' if you will abide by tolerance. I for one feel guilty and I know millions of other activists do also. So let's say it, apologize, and move on to implications greater than them verses us.

Here are some issues of the next tragedy of news worthiness looming. Does the USA really want to beat and kill protesters during Sept.28th demonstrations in retaliation for Muslim theocracy terrorist actions? Do the G-8 have any choice in constructing walls of shame and why must bloc representatives sit on the G-8's lap like mall Santa visitors to be heard? The G-8 are hearing us just fine on IMC sites and in non-threatening areas set aside for demonstration.

One week ago these were my mores-negotiated wraith comments by group guilting and blaming, but of course I've changed my mind.

"Please send 500 fighter jets, 5 (Abe Lincoln) times 100 (Franklins) for lost lives in NYC, to blacken the skies of Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan as a thunderous black armband and warning, shooting only when fired upon. Then, spin back home on the high road with honor restored. With manhunts and investigations, factor precise targets for retaliation and war. Please excuse oppressed people's cheers at America's tragedy because were just big enough not to be incited. (me)" It was the best I could do to satisfy the hawks and still hold global peace. And just how big are Middle Eastern countries not to be incited at such honor saving posturings?

A WTC-Titanic analogy published here a little more than a week ago by author 'Everybody', I thought was closer to like Rome burning while Wall Street ticker tapes a healthy mitochondria to the global populations upon a ocean of social and economic discontent, notable more in lower classes and the third world. Does that really work and what doesn't it fit? Where are those energy siphoning mycoplasms? Not to impugn individual WTC workers, it's the social problems and processes that are the mycoplasms. As for Everybody, if the oceans were the globe's masses inflicted with social injustice, and much of that ecocidal, it might just work as a metaphor without guilt to the masses who have a few terrorists among them. Wait, that is how it really is!

OK, we as a nation did the mobile Arab detention camp thing and then called ourselves on it. Like 'Everybody', cheering Palestinians were caught on global media. Those Palestinians are disassociated from such bombing horrors, wait they live that almost daily. They have no heart that 1000's are dieing or dead or many more were killed later as the towers collapse, wait they do. More importantly, we all know we had likely less gleeful but unstoppable black humor with armbands included as we watched the events of September 11, 2001. All the oppressed can see is that for once the whining powerful are now their image myth-making over warmth and life substance, instead of the usual Palestinians being pawned. Obviously no hypocrisy there and two crimes against humanity make a shared angel Gabriel feel... well, just biblically and koranically historical and now with ecumenical congratulations shared, also feel very current.
I for one feel quite spanked. Where did we place our universal human rights and why are the religious pop-culture daddies still tricking us to multi-government in-parentis through religious bamboozling. I do not mean persons televised necessarily, but the mores weight of sociological reactions to social institutions we know are of flaw and unjust control. Why aren't UN Human Rights Flags available along with American flag sales and up flying? Entrepreneurs, you are missing out on volume sales in blue fags with two yellow blazes that unite the world much better than nationalism or shared archangels.

When it comes to inappropriate group mind thoughts caught, remember what everyone, with or without knowing someone in the tragedy, thought. Here I 'psi'-ed at your comments and I'm not alone. Go now, you psychic nose-miners and remember your reception and thoughts sent and influenced. Global group mind asks where the guerrilla, King Kong, was. -And then think of the 10 billion dollar running costs of destruction quoted that day compared to a Godzilla damage, if Godzilla were real, and what the real cost would be collectively, to all the enjoyable movies of the hungry animal's destruction. We just cannot help it to think such thoughts over a 12 hour glued-to-the- media viewing.

Wait; here are some more inappropriate time thoughts.

Imperialism's Double Bobbitt. Skeletons of the Wasteland.

Down Goes the Putrid Masonic Lodge with Salomon Bros. Building.

Brooklyn Bridge Becomes Dune meets Waterworld and where in the hell is the Blue Fairy Statue.

King Offutt's Tume. 'Find George', a new board game to the squeals of children.

How about the Marriott Hotel building burning and the comments of university students across the US that are provided food service from same, what did they think? Here's mine: Ingesting the Wealth Ethic by monopoly contract even at Kent State. Really who can complain about this gourmet conglomerate, it's Bobbitt's Feast (Babbett's Feast, a foreign film). And by the way, has anyone shared the humor of closing the Foggy Bottom campus at George Washington University? It's like ether daddy history! No more cherries, boys!

I for one believe you can count this global debauchery to the Malignant Beanfield War of Religions. Who's the pig; see foggy bottoms everywhere are related to foggy heads everywhere? Again, where did we place our universal human rights? -And where is the Buddha of human rights slime liberation? I/we really need you right now.