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Shadow Government

shadow gov't
Dear Friends:

It was interesting to see how many of you agreed that the recent murderous destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington was not merely a retributional terrorist attack of Middle Eastern origin, but that it really represented a quantum leap in the activities of the shadow governmental power in order to achieve its objectives.
But what ARE those objectives?

The long-term primary objective of the shadow governmental power (which some people also call the "Illuminati") is a dictatorial global government which could have come straight off the pages of Orwell's superb book, "1984". This astonishing goal is something about which most people on the planet have not the faintest idea. They could very easily obtain more than the faintest idea, if only they would wake up and look at history, at the mass of credible literature available, at world events and begin to think for themselves instead of simply eating and drinking everything which the controlled media feeds them. The main reason that they don't have the faintest idea about what the shadow governmental power is doing is because they have been brainwashed by the newspapers, magazines, TV and films which have been manufactured and censored by the same shadow governmental power!

Now you may say that you live in a democratic country and that the United Nations is made up of democratic countries and that the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are democratic countries and that these democratic countries would never allow a dictatorial world government power to come into being. After all, they are continually speaking about the need for the "free world to unite against the forces of fascism and repression". But that is where the great deception comes in.

Allow me to explain...

You see, my friends, the big trick—the really big trick—is to bring a one-world fascist totalitarian government to pass in such a way that no one realises it is happening. The only way such a deception can happen is on a drip-by-drip basis. So each time a little repressive measure is brought in, we will be told that it is in the interests of "freedom and democracy" and we will all accept it. After the installation of a great many little repressive measures, a totalitarian world state will have been established by stealth, and this is where the world is heading now.

In fact, this is where the world has been heading almost since the beginning of its history. For the battle between the forces of good and evil, which we see commencing in the story of the Garden of Eden (Gen.3:1-6), will culminate in the establishment of a fascist, totalitarian one-world government under the leadership of a totally lawless man to (2 Thess.2:3-10) whom power and authority will have been given by the ruler of the spiritual forces of darkness whom Christians call the Devil or Satan (Rev.13:1-2). Only then will the true weakness of the forces of darkness and the full power of the forces of goodness be fully revealed for all to see. For it will be shown that real power does not lie in political or worldly achievements—no matter how grandiose they might be. And POWER is what this is all about. The Illuminati—the shadow world government—is all about POWER. Power over the whole world. Such power is satanic. For the only kind of power which Satan and the forces of darkness can exercise is power over the world through deception. (I will be discussing this in greater detail in the forthcoming article on the New World Order which will be the second part in our series entitled "Discerning the Signs of the Times").

But for now, we need to realise that the shadow world government operates through the various organisations, cabals and conferences which control the way that governments act, the words that the media say and the way that many other decisions are taken throughout the world by such groups as the United Nations and NATO.

The shadow governmental power always has to have a big bogeyman on which to pin its supposed need for taking certain measures. These bogeymen are a pure fabrication which would have been without any substance had the shadow governmental power not given them all that they needed in order to flourish. They are allowed to flourish in order to fulfil the purpose of the Illuminati. Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were allowed to flourish for precisely the same reasons as Saddam Hussein. These men are stooges in the process leading to the coming totalitarian world government which will make all of them seem like Boy Scouts!
The shadow governmental power also always has to have a "fall guy" to cover up for its dastardly activities. When Kennedy was assassinated, it was Lee Harvey Oswald.

When the community at Waco was torched by the U.S. government, it was David Koresh. After the bombing in Oklahoma, it was Timothy McVeigh. After the demolition of the World Trade Centre, it is Osama bin Laden. It is as if the script had been
pre-written on each occasion. Well indeed it had! The media trots out whatever is fed to it, and then prints it out for the masses meekly to imbibe.

There is considerable evidence that U.S. security and intelligence services (e.g. CIA & FBI) knew very well that there was going to be a serious attack on a big target in the

(See, for example  http://msn.thisislondon.co.uk/dynamic/news/top_story.html?in_review_id=456973)

But the failure to do anything about it is far more than a mere "lapse" in its efficiency, as the media has been programmed to portray it to those who might be concerned on that level. The whole affair smacks of a set-up. For example, do you find it credible that the calculatingly careful and thorough men who hijacked and steered the planes to their targets would leave the following items in a hired car left at Boston's Logan airport:
Instructional videos and manuals on how to operate Boeing 767s, coveralls similar to those worn by ramp workers, a copy of the Koran and a fuel consumption calculator? That's what the Illuminati-fed media is pumping out. I mean... give me a break! You don't even need Miss Marples to crack that one! (HM -this is the name of the Agatha Christie detective story character.)

Just how gullible do these people think we are? Well I hardly need to answer that, because they plainly think we are totally stupid!

There is a whole process of brainwashing and conditioning at work in the world which has been going on for many years. First, the Illuminati has to create the right kind of mindset which is open to its brainwashing. They specialise in mind control (having operated actual mind-control programmes for many decades, viz. the CIA's MK Ultra "Manchurian Candidate" style of programme). Then, after they have created the right kind of mindset in the masses, they can go right ahead and do all kinds of things which would not normally be acceptable. Allow me to give a couple of examples. The Waco event was a classic in this respect. It was a kind of primer to induce people to accept passively the total annihilation of whatever religious groups are deemed unacceptable by government forces. The shadow world government needs to be free to destroy anyone who will not conform to its "global ethic"; but it has to be in such a way that Joe Public will accept it—nay, welcome it! Waco was a great softener-up in that process. Another landmark event was the killing of Diana Spencer—the "People's Princess". The hypnotic manner in which people responded to her death and the delusion involved in the vast outpouring of grief was a kind of "rehearsal" for later occasions when the masses need to be easily controlled by a power outside of themselves. It is in such a manner that the world dictator (the Antichrist) will be accepted by so many as a necessary leader (even by many calling themselves Christians—and especially the one's who wear extravagant frocks!!).

The next stage in the process for which the Illuminati needs to gain acceptance is a gargantuan restriction of civil liberties and movement. The more outrageous mass killings which can be perpetrated (alongside other apocalyptic events), the more easily the powers can induce people to believe that totalitarianism is necessary—all in the name of freedom and democracy!

Last night on the BBC World Service, I heard a prominent aviation expert and magazine editor being interviewed who advocated the implantation of a micro-chip in the body which would contain one's total information, which could then be flashed automatically while passing through a screening area at airports. He said this was now being seriously considered by governments. Watch this space!

In my last mail, I noted that I believe that the churches bear a responsibility for the ease with which all these things are coming to pass. Do you find that surprising? One of the reasons for this is because the churches neither identify nor explain the kind of apocalyptic events which we have seen recently. The vast majority of priests, pastors, vicars, bishops and other ecclesiastical nabobs have—either by default or design— merely served as lackeys for the powers of darkness. All they have to offer are some mumbled prayers for the victims and their families. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with such prayer per se. It is simply that if all we have to offer is such prayers—without any interpretation of history, without any placing of such events in a biblical and historical context—then we are merely contributing to an emotionalism which masquerades as compassion, and the fostering of the incapacity to discern—an inability to listen to "the music behind events". Whatever happened to the prophetic aspect of preaching???!!!

I could say a great deal more. But as I often get complaints that I write too much (;o), and as I have no desire to be the conveyor of "information overload", I will finish with one final thing:- Do you imagine—because I write about these events as being conspiratorial—that I have no compassion for the victims of the heinous crimes? Why do you think that I spent most of Tuesday night awake, wrestling with all this? Let me tell you now that I was deeply indignant that so many tens of thousands of people should have been so heartlessly sacrificed in order to bring some satanic madmen's plans closer to their dastardly fruition (and I don't mean the characters who hijacked the planes). Let me tell you now that I was even more passionately incensed that so many billions of people the world over should have been so easily brainwashed into accepting the party line about why these events happened. It all fills me with pain. If only you knew my true agony of soul. Sometimes my knowledge is more than I can bear. But my main purpose in writing these things is not to communicate to this e-mail list about my agonies of soul. That is not why people subscribe. You can get all the whingeing prayers and condolences you want from the likes of Tony Blair and George Bush. I watched their acts and I was not in the least impressed. On the contrary, I found them cold and heartless. There was something weirdly automatic about their responses. I felt as if I was watching zombies who can do nothing other than trot out clichés in the wake of every disaster. Is that what you want from me? If so, then you have come to the wrong place!

People seem to think that Christians should simply accept whatever a government says and whatever is the accepted spin on any event. But Christians should be the most questioning of all people. It will make you unpopular in the world—and especially in the church! It may even get you killed. But establishing Truth in an age of lies is infinitely more relevant for the Christian than playing ball with the powers of darkness. You would be surprised at the number of people around the world who are not Christians who feel very uneasy with the way that the world is going, who have realised that there is a power of corruption which is endemic in governmental circles, who know that there is an evil Illuminati at work in an occult capacity, and who are open to hearing about the True Light who has come into the world to warn and to light the way. Compromise and cowardice will never impress those who are attracted to Truth.

But courage and conviction will!