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A True Holy War

holy war
A True Holy War
Armed with a coffee and the latest newspaper, a million critics philosophize as to why America was the target of the diabolical terrorist plot. We each have our answer: one is certain it is because Muslims are fanatical. But so are Christians who shoot abortionists or wave placards declaring "God Hates Fags!" Another claims that America has been the great aggressor of the century, exploiting countless nations for their resources. The Soviet Union and other nations are guilty of the same. Perhaps American capitalism is to blame. Osama bin Laden is a millionaire with his money well invested in stocks depending greatly on capitalism.
Oil, democracy, land, Islam, human rights, jihad, hate oppression - a thousand answers. I don't have the answer as to why people fly planes into buildings. I do, however, have the answer for retaliation.
Imagine 50,000 soldiers stepping off planes in Afghanistan. And they start a war; a war of love. They begin to build hospitals, fix roads and establish fresh water supplies to villages. Some start constructing playgrounds for the children of a poverty-stricken city. Other soldiers with the help of volunteer doctors set up vaccination clinics all along the major roadways of this Third World land.
More and more of these selfless soldiers enter the country. A few break from their unit for the afternoon to help a Muslim man fix a dilapidated roof, leaving him with bags of seed and a few sturdy garden tools. An entire battalion is responsible for picking up and disposing of trash in various towns. Those who are handy with tools set to work fixing bikes in Kabul. A bicycle is a valued form of transportation for many in this part of the world.
The list of weapons used in this type of retaliatory strike include soccer balls, penicillin, soap, shoes, water, food, bicycle tires, eyeglasses, children's toys, farm equipment, books, crutches, musical instruments, paint, sleeping bags, shingles, clothing, pots and pans, candy, horseshoes, hammers, saws, nails, lumber, tents, gloves, fruit, vegetables, vitamins, diapers and formula, rubber boots and a whole lot of teddy bears.
So we descend on a nation in love, striking hard and fast with extravagant acts of human kindness. The country, its people and government never anticipated this type of campaign. Arabs and Muslims begin to refer to the United States as the Great Blesser instead of the Great Aggressor. Soon terrorism becomes a vile thing in the hearts and minds of these people won over by love.
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called Children of God.
Amen 21.Sep.2001 23:38


You write beautifully. I agree totally. Let's go.
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