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Earl is a liar

Representative Blumenauer told his constituents at the XPAC meeting last night that the simplistic rhetoric of calling these terrorists "cowards" was incorrect and leads people astray from comprehending the true causes of the current world situation.
In face to face meetings with his constituents, Earl pretended to decry the simplistic rhetoric that is calling terrorists "cowards".

Go take a look at Earl's web page, where he says quite the opposite: "Finally, America demands justice. We will seek out and hold responsible the cowards who inflicted such carnage on thousands of innocent people."

Will the real Earl Blumenauer please stand up?

homepage: homepage: http://www.house.gov/blumenauer/

just in case Earl removes it from his website 20.Sep.2001 13:57


Just in case Earl removes that comment from his website, here's a screen shot to prove the hipocracy:

Excuse me while I roll my eyes 13.Oct.2003 17:54


Jesus in heaven. Stop with that. Earl doesn't write his website stuff and harping on something like that is really, REALLY futile and ridiculous. He's been an excellent representative and we're lucky to have him. Probably a simple error by an intern who didn't know better. Save your accusations for something more substantial.