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Intolerance; Discrimination; and Fear; Creating Terrorism in Seattle.

Intolerance, Discrimination, and Fear; creating Terrorism; created by Seattle Government, Media, and the Seattle Police Department.
September 3rd, 2001

A Formal Complaint of Seattle Government, - Seattle Media, and - Seattle Police Department Abuse.

The Creation of Intolerance:


The Seattle Government, Media, and Police are creating fear of Seattle Police abuse and "racism" through "mistakes" of trauma and abuse created by the Seattle police department being labeled "justified"; and downplayed, distorted, and ignored. These "incident's" of "mistakes" being continually called "justifiable" by the Seattle police department and the Seattle government and Media; is absolute racism in our criminal justice system.


Seattle people can create this intolerance if they (you) want to, it will be easy to create intolerance; to not create intolerance is what Seattle people should at least try to do. I will be doing everything in my power to stop this intolerance from being created, no matter where I live.

Kenn Dzaman

A Formal Complaint of Seattle Government, Media, and Police Abuse.

Automatic reaction - Good or Bad?. Cops shooting at cops. Trauma is born.

Trauma is born By US all: Terrorism.

A Formal Complaint of Seattle Government, Seattle Media, and Seattle Police Abuse.

[( This email is published on this and other web sites, and is currently being published on many more and being sent to over 2,500 individuals in government, media, and activist organizations: (To be removed from email lists, please email:  kennspace@hotmail.com; I have too many email accounts to answer email to "other" accounts I have.- thanks.. Kenn).
 http://seattle.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=6457&group=webcast ...)]

If you witnessed/experienced police misconduct last Saturday, testify at the next City Council Public Safety Committee meeting. 2pm Wednesday September 5 on the 11th floor of the Municipal Building at 4th and Cherry downtown.

Second Meeting of JJWSOS is scheduled September 8th, 2001; at 12:noon; @ the Peace Cafe; 5828 Roosevelt Way NE.

SEPT-5th; 4th & Cherry; 1:30pm-5:pm; 11th flr;-IMPORTANT MEETINGS-BE THERE!

IMPORTANT MEETINGS WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5th, 2001; 4th and Cherry; Municipal Bulding; 11th Floor; 2:00pm and 5:30pm

Kenneth G. Dzaman

RTS: the next step
by Jeff Buckley 9:20pm Fri Aug 31 '01
phone: 206.227.0903  jehobu@yahoo.com

If you are a supporter of freedom of speech and freedom to assemble without police harassment, come to the rally outside the Municipal Building beginning 130pm.

File a formal complaint with the SPD's Office of Professional Accountability. E-mail your statement to  sam.pailca@ci.seattle.wa.us . It can be the same statement you sent to the indymedia site,  http://seattle.indymedia.org/. Just make a note in the subject line that it is a formal complaint against the SPD.

Also email it to these people in Seattle and Washington Government and Media:

 sam.pailca@ci.seattle.wa.us,  opinion@seattletimes.com,  editpage@seattlepi.com,  letters@thenation.com,  pchamp@urbanfaith.org,  george.allen@ci.seattle.wa.us,  editor@commondreams.org,  trahant@earthlink.net,  owen_br@leg.wa.gov,  mail@secstate.wa.gov,  Mayors.Office@ci.seattle.wa.us,  mark.sidran@ci.seattle.wa.us,  letters@nytimes.com,  drugwarnews-owner@yahoogroups.com,  civic-values@civic.net,  edcivic@libertynet.org,  aiusala@aiusa.org,  amnestyis@amnesty.org,  sgonsalves@capecodonline.com,  leonardpitts@mindspring.com,  randerson@seattleweekly.com,  gparrish@seattleweekly.com,  robertjamieson@seattlepi.com,  youthcongress@urbanleague.org,  counterpunch@counterpunch.org,  colorlines@arc.org,  richard.conlin@ci.seattle.wa.us,  jan.drago@ci.seattle.wa.us,  nick.licata@ci.seattle.wa.us,  richard.mciver@ci.seattle.wa.us,  judy.nicastro@ci.seattle.wa.us,  margaret.pageler@ci.seattle.wa.us,  peter.steinbrueck@ci.seattle.wa.us,  heidi.wills@ci.seattle.wa.us,  ron.sims@metrokc.gov,  jlarge@seattletimes.com,  ets@scn.org

 editors@interactive.wsj.com,  ombudsman@washpost.com,  bkaiman@seattletimes.com,  susanpaynter@seattlepi.com,  vanessaho@seattlepi.com,  candyhatcher@seattlepi.com,  ericruthford@seattlepi.com,  kimberlymills@seattlepi.com,  chopp_fr@leg.wa.gov,  kohl_je@leg.wa.gov,  sommers_he@leg.wa.gov,  dickerso_ma@leg.wa.gov,  rapheala@earthlink.net,  olympian@halcyon.com,  senator_murray@murray.senate.gov,  maria@cantwell.senate.gov,  letters@washtimes.com,  letters@sjmercury.com,  letters@sfchronicle.com,  pstrimer@saintmarks.org,  questions@wsba.org,  willrasp@washpost.com,  mindycameron@earthlink.net,  readercomments@colorsnw.com,  olympian@olywa.net,  corazon@u.washington.edu,  ebaillargeon@seattleweekly.com,  jbush@seattleweekly.com,  lewiskamb@seattlepi.com,  tracyjohnson@seattlepi.com,  iith@seattletimes.com,  nbartley@seattletimes.com,  governor.locke@governor.wa.gov


King county prosecutors office of Norm Melang: 206-296-9000
Seattle city attorneys office of Mark Sidran: 206-684-8200
Seattle city council: (206-684-8888)
Peter Steinbrueck's office: (206-684-8804)
Jim Compton's office: (206-684-8802)
ACLU of Washington: at 206.624.2180
Washington State Victim-Witness Notification Program (toll free!)(1-800-422-1536)
(Seattle) King County Prosecutors office of Norm Melang, (1-206-296-9000)(criminal division) (1-206-296-9015)(civil division)
Seattle City Attorneys office of Mark Sidran, (1-206-684-8200) Seattle City Prosecutor: (1-206-684-7757)
Seattle City Council (1-206-684-8888) (1-206-684-880? - last # is 1-8 for individual council members).
Seattle City Directory information: (1-206-386-1234)
Seattle Complaints, Information, Citizens Service Bureau: (1-206-684-8811)
Seattle Mayors office of Paul Schell: (1-206-684-4000)
Seattle City Human Rights Commission: (1-206-684-4500)
Internal Investigations: (1-206-684-8797)
Chief of Seattle Police: (1-206-684-5577)
Seattle Police Media Relations: (1-206-684-5520)
Seattle Police Officers Guild: (1-206-767-1150) )}]
Governor of Washington Gary Locke: (1-360-753-6780)
Washington State Senate: (1-360-786-7550)

RTS: the next step
by Jeff Buckley 9:20pm Fri Aug 31 '01
phone: 206.227.0903  jehobu@yahoo.com

If you are a supporter of freedom of speech and freedom to assemble without police harassment, come to the rally outside the Municipal Building beginning 130pm. The rally for police accountability outside the Municipal Building should continue for a few hours. Bring signs! We need as many people as possible to testify before the City Council Public Safety Committee about police misconduct they witnessed/experienced at the Reclaim the Streets event. The Committee meeting begins at 2pm with public comment. Sign up at the beginning of the meeting. It is important that we pack this place so City Council will know that we are outraged with the way police treated citizens on Saturday! We need to let them know that we will not stand for it! The most important issue for us right now is the media game. People who have been following the local news are generally taking the side of the police because they don't know the truth. We have to fight the media spin with witness accounts. The community needs to know what happened that day. Please call or email me to let me know if you can come to the Public Safety Committee meeting. I know a few people who can definitely make it, but we really need a strong presence at 2 on Wednesday. To advertise the rally we will be handing out flyers at Bumbershoot this weekend. We are meeting at 10 am and 230 pm at the Space Needle entrance to Seattle Center. Ralph Warren is the person to contact if you would like to help make flyers. His number is 206.616.3627. Public testimony is just the first step. Next is to file a formal complaint with the SPD's Office of Professional Accountability. E-mail your statement to  sam.pailca@ci.seattle.wa.us. It can be the same statement you sent to the indymedia site,  http://seattle.indymedia.org/. Just make a note in the subject line that it is a formal complaint against the SPD. Legal action is next. Call the ACLU of Washington at 206.624.2180 to let them know what happened to you. Municipalities across the country pay millions of dollars to settle police misconduct claims every year. This American Prospect article lists some basic figures:  http://www.prospect.org/print/V10/42/anderson-d.html Please distribute this message widely, at least to everyone you know who saw police misconduct at RTS. Jeff Buckley Seattle Greens Criminal Justice Working Group 206.227.0903  jehobu@earthlink.net


CIVIL EMERGENCIES - PUBLIC HEARING September 5th, 2001; 5:30pm:

Seattle City Council Meeting... Please contact anytime at 684-8888 or by email with your comments and suggestions.

Meeting Sept. 5th:

The Legislative Department and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday, September 5, at 5:30 p.m., to take public comments on a proposal to amend the Seattle Municipal Code relating to the proclamation and termination of civil emergencies. For those wishing to testify at the hearing, a sign-up sheet will be available
outside the door to the Council Chambers at 5:00 p.m. Councilmember Margaret Pageler will chair the hearing.

The proposal requires that a declaration of civil emergency by the Mayor should contain:
- A statement of facts upon which the order is based
- A statement that the Mayor believes it is in the best interest of public safety and protection of property that the exercise of certain rights be temporarily limited
- A statement that the conditions of the order are designed to provide the least necessary restrictions on those rights.

In addition the proposal would allow seven members of the City Council to terminate the civil emergency. Under current law, only the Mayor may do so.

Absolute Racism In the US Criminal Justice System; Is "ABSOLUTE RACISM".
(The Criminal Justice System Is Criminal; Police Force and Abuse Trauma; Intolerance and Ignorance Creating Fear: TERRORISM (suicide and execution).

A Police "FORCE" Out of Control; As I slammed my fist through the wall again.

(This letter is being published on every IndyMedia site around the world and in the US; (plus other web sites and forums); and will be sent to 2,000 activists, newspapers, and organizations (people); plus 500 in United States Federal Government; and 150 or so in local (Seattle) government: September 1st, 2001.).)].
This letter is published on this public web site:

(See ABSTRACT 1 that follows for explanation of "automatic-reaction" force.).

(Please help me edit this letter and deliver it to the Seattle city council at 1:30 pm Wednesday September 5th, 2001; 11th floor Municipal Building - at 4th and Cherry in downtown Seattle.!! City Council Public Safety Meeting: September 5th, 2001: 2:00pm.
If you feel it can be made to communicate any better, please offer your criticism or praise.....on what you feel it could also say, or say "better"...)

By Kenn Dzaman

A Police "FORCE" out of Control:

Racial Profiling charges against Seattle Police department. (Federal statistics show facts of racial profiling in the US.).
WTO abuse and lawsuits.
Mardi Gras Video of murder - videotaped by Seattle police department. (Questionable withholding of force.).
Questionable use of force in killing of unarmed motorists and civilians.
Questionable use of force August 25th, 2001; ("protest"?.).
Seattle Police Shootout between the Seattle police department - and three Seattle police officer's.

Subject: My Experience August 25th, 2001; Walking and driving in Seattle.:

Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 06:35:10 +0000
Seattle August 25, 2001...

Denny Park 5:15.....

I was there at Denny Park - it cost me $258.00 - I know I should have taken the bus... but,,,

I got to meet and talk to Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske!!

(This original un-edited email is publicly posted on this web site.).
by Kenneth G. Dzaman 11:18pm Sat Aug 25 '01


I drove up at 5:15pm..to Denny Park...
I should have taken the bus.
As I pulled off Aurora...an unmarked Seattle Police Car started to
follow me, after a couple turns, I knew they were going to pull me over, so I (illegally?) turned into a parking lot. (I also only had my expired Space 2001 Washington Drivers License on me, and was cited for not having my valid license.).

I had put my back license plate, -- on the front..

The three Seattle police officers took about 30 minutes to check me out...

One was very very mean and played with his gun and stared me down almost the whole time. (Last name Chiro - the other two officers were "nice".)

I asked him how he was doing, he said nothing, just stared at me looking as mean and tough as he could, you almost felt sorry for him,
he was a total jerk. (Last name Chiro - the other two officers were "nice".).

The officers that signed the $258.00 ticket were Phay and G. Rice (they treated me with at least a little respect - Chiro,,, I finally looked him in the eyes and said; "You are a very mean man". (Washington Uniform Court docket Ticket#: IN 60148631; Municipal Court of Seattle; Seattle:: "Turns, Prohibited"; 11.55.100; "License, Driver's, Possession"; 11.20.020; "License Vehicle Improper Display"; I feel it was "profiling" almost 100%; my truck does not "fit in" and that is what they were looking for. I feel they felt they were definitely doing their job in detaining me for as long as possible, treating me with intimidation, and worked hard at making me feel threatened; so I would leave.).

I marched for about ten blocks and decided - I had enough excitement when I watched the first jaywalker get thrown to the ground and arrested.

So I was leaving...
and I see Police Chief Gil Kelikowske pulling up..

So I talked with him about the meeting I am having..
I like him, I pretty much knew I would...
I told him I wasn't able to find his email address, but I had asked
Mark Sidran and Paul Schell to forward the following email to him.

Nice to see all those people outside!
Did you notice Mount Rainier?
It looked huge and beautiful behind the city as the sun set!



....SEATTLE A Call to Seattle RESIDENTS - WITNESS'S NEEDED; To Seattle Police officers - crashing into Seattle police officer's, and shooting 20 to 39(?) bullets at Seattle Police officers; July 10th, 2001; 1:32 AM; [Just North of - the crest of the hill - at east Roanoke St and Harvard Ave East - (on Capitol Hill).]. If you live in the area and have felt, (or feel), any "endangerment" (or fear) due to this event; (or if you feel you have any information you would like to witness); Please contact: ..... WITNESS, PO Box 85503, SEA WA, 98145-1503 ... ... [Email:  kennspace@hotmail.com]

Just-is as Just-does - Witness Society Of Seattle. (J.J.W.S.O.S.)
Meeting 1; Peace Cafe; 5828 Roosevelt Way NE.; September 1st, 2001; 12:n00n.
Meeting Agenda and Goals:

Exploring Charges: Racism; Justice; and The Seattle Police Department.

I am holding this meeting to discuss and explore criminal charges against the Seattle Police Department. The charges being explored are in reference to the Seattle police departments "internal" problem that created a "public" shootout between Seattle police officers, on Capitol Hill on July 10th, 2001 at 1:32AM.
I feel laws were broken by the Seattle police department; - and I feel laws were broken by the Seattle police officers involved in the "shootout". It seems, by media accounts; The Seattle police department "allowed" (did not stop) a Seattle police car to be stolen, with a shotgun, - to "patrol" the streets of Seattle. They "allowed" (did not stop) this to happen multiple times, without informing the public of the danger they were in. I feel an FBI investigation needs to be started into charges of conspiracy to with-hold information from the public, and negligently putting Seattle residents, and Seattle police at risk. I also feel the three Seattle police officers broke laws in shooting at Seattle police officers, while on duty and in uniform, driving Seattle police cars.

FBI investigation into the internal affairs of the Seattle police department as to how and why this "shootout" happened; - With the FBI filing charges - if the FBI or a grand jury finds laws were broken by the Seattle police department.

1). Discuss options and ways to approach this in the most positive way possible.
2). Try to have a "compilation" of 100 witness's and "charge's" to file ASAP. ). (I have a personal goal of 100 signatures on filing these "charges".)
3). This meeting is all about love for humanity and justice, if you feel otherwise, please do not attend.
4). How to - not - lose your sense of humor.
5). Is the coffee cake any good?

Second Meeting of JJWSOS is scheduled September 8th, 2001; at 12:noon; @ the Peace Cafe; 5828 Roosevelt Way NE.


1). Hire a lawyer and obtain legal counsel.
2). Attend other meetings questioning the Seattle police departments use of force.
3). File grievances in court and on public record.
4). Precedents: Explore precedents presently being set in government-criminal trials and actions currently being taken in other parts of the United States.
5). Ads and media pressure; Continue media pressure on the "issue" of the Seattle police department being in armed combat with Seattle police officers; on duty, in uniform, driving Seattle police vehicles; and it being labeled a "justifiable shooting", "without injury" - by the Seattle press and government.
6). Attend Seattle City Council meetings this Wednesday September 5th at 1:30 and 4:30 with this report (you are reading) to file.
7). Have second meeting September 8th, 2001; @ the Peace Cafe; 5828 Roosevelt Way NE. Obtain legal counsel for this and subsequent meetings.
8). Start a campaign against Mark Sidran's and Paul Schell's attempt to be mayor of Seattle; Leaflets at Husky games; Small Ad's in local media; ("Grass-roots" effort of resistance to Mark Sidran's (Paul Schell's) attempts to be mayor of Seattle..).
9). The coffee cake was good!

Kenneth G. Dzaman
PO Box 85503
Seattle WA. 98145-1503

[{( To see the completion of this essay and references - please see these public web sites....thanks, Kenn )}]

September 1st, 2001

Automatic reaction - Good or Bad?. Seattle Cops shooting at Seattle cops.

(What was the threat? Seattle police driving Seattle police cars?).

"Officers cleared in mistaken shooting";
By Ian Ith; Seattle Times staff reporter; Friday, August 31, 2001; - 12:00 a.m. Pacific; )]

"Panel: Shootout between officers justified";
"Officers feared for their lives in a 'unique' situation";
By LEWIS KAMB; SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER; [Northwest] ;Friday, August 31, 2001; )]

Automatic reaction - Good or Bad?. Seattle Cops shooting at Seattle cops.
(See abstract 2 for explanation of Automatic-Reaction.).

(What was the threat? Seattle police driving Seattle police cars?).

Dear Editors, Journalists, Activists, The Seattle Times, and The Seattle Post Intelligencer,

Seattle is ignoring the terror the Seattle Police Department is creating; - from the killing of unarmed motorists, to video taping murder, to WTO abuse, - and now; - public Seattle police officer "shootouts" on public streets! (I resided in the WTO "riot zone" and the Seattle police were very abusive all week. - And were the only people (and are) the only people in Seattle I truly fear.). Now you have the Seattle police department crashing into a Seattle police car; - while the Seattle police officers are on duty; (to "serve and protect the public"), and having a shootout with uniformed Seattle police officers and trying to kill Seattle police officers. Seattle police officers, in uniform, on duty, try to "justifiably" kill each other, and everything is "a-okay!". Maybe they shouldn't have rammed each other?- yeah, - that was the Seattle police departments mistake - they shouldn't have rammed each other. What about identifying a "potential" target or "threat" before shooting? Oh, it was done correctly and to the book? Sounds like the "legal" book on the internal investigation process of the Seattle police needs to be burned. For an internally created Seattle police department problem - that was allowed to be repeated - that created a public shootout between Seattle police officers; on Seattle streets; For it to be "labeled" a "justifiable shooting" is nothing short of ridiculous and absolute "racism" in our justice system.

Ignorance, - intolerance, and hatred - is obviously going to be Seattle's "new" motto. But traffic will "flow" smoothly!

Ignorance is bliss Seattle. So I will leave you to it. I am moving from Seattle September 15th, 2001. Goodbye!

Kenn Dzaman

"Officers cleared in mistaken shooting";

[( By Ian Ith; Seattle Times staff reporter; Friday, August 31, 2001; - 12:00 a.m. Pacific;
An internal Seattle Police Department review has found that three officers were justified in firing 33 shots at one another last month, injuring no one, when they thought the person in the opposite car was a young man who had stolen a police cruiser and was posing as a policeman.
But the department's Firearms Review Board has recommended that one of the officers, Rick Traverso, be investigated for possible discipline and ordered him to be retrained for using his patrol car to ram another police car, a decision that triggered the confused firefight and was a "serious violation of department policy," according to the report released yesterday. )]

"Panel: Shootout between officers justified";
"Officers feared for their lives in a 'unique' situation";

[( By LEWIS KAMB; SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER; [Northwest] ;Friday, August 31, 2001;
A wild predawn shootout last month between three Seattle police officers who mistook one another for a police impersonator has been ruled justified by the department's Firearms Review Board. )]

[( ABSTRACT 1: Facing Your Feelings and Experience's:

You can feel that a magnificent leap of awareness is required for a person to see beyond the face of the reality around them; we all know "things" get "lost" in translation, and "other things" get "enamored". It is a person's individual perception of feeling that makes us all different. When you want to understand the source of your feeling clearly and how you perceived (experienced) it, you will see that the thought, or experience, "of the feeling" is not the problem, the problem develops in it's denial. The real problem develops not from the feeling you have or the words that describe it, it comes from the intolerance towards those words and feelings. The first time you decide to feel something, it will usually feel like an "over-reaction". The "over-reaction" is the releasing of the denial you were creating towards this feeling you wanted to ignore. Do not be alarmed and feel compelled to over-react in the "real" world to your "new" feeling. Try to realize; like a pebble creating ripples in water, let your feeling come in "waves" of intensity until you feel you can communicate it into the "pool" of conscience you are trying to reach. Then drop another pebble and watch the ripples, your job is done in communicating what those ripples mean to you; to someone else in the "pool".
Jump in people! - I will tell you the water is deep, but there are a lot of good swimmers out here waiting to help you! )]

You can see that a magnificent leap of awareness is required for the
fish to extend its vision beyond the water in which it is immersed to
the source of the ripples. A similar leap of awareness will be
required of you. When you understand the source clearly, you'll see
that the ripples of your mind have nothing to do with you; you'll just
watch them, without attachment, no longer compelled to overreact every
time a pebble drops.
- Dan Millman


The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to make today's feeling consciousness serene and harmonious. All other good things will follow upon that thought. To say I am happy and trying to feel this happiness, is an act. To actually be happy, you must be annoying your self with your "good" reaction, rather than your automatic reaction. And if you "feel" your automatic reaction is "just fine", you can start there and realize, you can always do better. Try not to annoy your self with your automatic reaction, dig deeper and "surprise" your self with a different "automatic" reaction (feeling) you created before-hand, and annoy your self with it, until you don't. Then try to come up with even a "better" reaction. (example: I had a friend who was stealing money from my room. I knew he was doing this and lying to me about it. I finally caught him. Now, I could have gotten really angry and made him move (I was trying to help him out). Instead, I had thought about it beforehand, I was "ahead" of my automatic" reaction when I caught him in the act of stealing money. I let him have it. Literally, I let him keep the money he took and would not take it back (even though he offered.). I told him I did not think it was right for him to steal from me while I was trying to help him out. I let him know that if he wanted to have friends in his life, and if he wanted to even like himself, he better stop being a thief and a liar. I told him I was putting a lock on my bedroom door. He got the point, and I did not even have to yell or get too mad, because I had thought about what I was, what I was trying to do, and what was "happening". To this day. I surprise myself with the "automatic" reaction I had that day, it was "cool", it still feels "good".

Jay (my friend) was 17 at that time, he was an alcoholic, so were both his parents. They abused him pretty bad. I finally did have to kick him out of my house after he brought the third gun home. He and his friends liked to steal guns whenever they could. A "transfer" of power type thing for him and his buddies. Jay died a year later by - "suicide by cop". Jay was a smart guy, he was not "dumb". He robbed a strip mall, store by store, until the police showed up, then he got in another persons car with them, and sat with them (hostage) until the police shot him with a shotgun and killed him. His parents did not go to his funeral.

Another dead trauma from Littleton Colorado. Only, I have "gotten over" mine through the action I am today, where in Littleton, ignorance is bliss; - and "mental illness" blows up high schools. It is not the rage of intolerance, oh no, not in Littleton Colorado. I find it very sad to see this same rage and intolerance "not" being created in Seattle. I am moving from Seattle September 15th, 2001, before more "mentally ill" create the terrorism, you people in Seattle want to ignore and deny. (But you did see and feel it all on that bridge and with James Elledge's public execution. Washington residents are creating (and pretty much ignoring) the terrorism they are creating; this will create more terrorism.). )}]

There's no blame on the path you've chosen.
Blame is a form of manipulation that you no longer require.
Dan Millman

Responsibility to your experience is what you will feel. There is no blame.
Kenneth Dzaman

address: address: JUST is as JUST does WITNESS SOCIETY OF SEATTLE (JJWSOS) PO BOX 85503 SEA WA 981