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Reclaim the Streets of Seattle: the next step

If you witnessed/experienced police misconduct at RTS in Seattle last Saturday, testify at the next City Council Public Safety Committee meeting. 2pm, Wednesday, September 5 on the 11th floor of the Municipal Building at 4th and Cherry, downtown Seattle.
If you are a supporter of freedom of speech and freedom to assemble without police harassment, come to the rally outside the Municipal Building beginning 130pm. The rally for police accountability outside the Municipal Building should continue for a few hours. Bring signs! We need as many people as possible to testify before the City Council Public Safety Committee about police misconduct they witnessed/experienced at the Reclaim the Streets event. The Committee meeting begins at 2pm with public comment. Sign up at the beginning of the meeting. It is important that we pack this place so City Council will know that we are outraged with the way police treated citizens on Saturday! We need to let them know that we will not stand for it! The most important issue for us right now is the media game. People who have been following the local news are generally taking the side of the police because they don't know the truth. We have to fight the media spin with witness accounts. The community needs to know what happened that day. Please call or email me to let me know if you can come to the Public Safety Committee meeting. I know a few people who can definitely make it, but we really need a strong presence at 2 on Wednesday. To advertise the rally we will be handing out flyers at Bumbershoot this weekend. We are meeting at 10 am and 230 pm at the Space Needle entrance to Seattle Center. Ralph Warren is the person to contact if you would like to help make flyers. His number is 206.616.3627. Public testimony is just the first step. Next is to file a formal complaint with the SPD's Office of Professional Accountability. E-mail your statement to sam.pailca@ci.seattle.wa.us. It can be the same statement you sent to the indymedia site, http://seattle.indymedia.org/. Just make a note in the subject line that it is a formal complaint against the SPD. Legal action is next. Call the ACLU of Washington at 206.624.2180 to let them know what happened to you. Municipalities across the country pay millions of dollars to settle police misconduct claims every year. This American Prospect article lists some basic figures: http://www.prospect.org/print/V10/42/anderson-d.html Please distribute this message widely, at least to everyone you know who saw police misconduct at RTS. Jeff Buckley Seattle Greens Criminal Justice Working Group 206.227.0903 jehobu@earthlink.net

phone: phone: 206.227.0903