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Issues of Psychoactive Democracy

This is an appeal to study psychoactive substances' proliferation of drug-fogged whales, intellectual welfare citizenship, chemical slavery and psychoactive substance terrorisms' influence on health and democratic process worldwide.
At a freedom of thought level, there is occasionally no difference between the US, Cuba, FYR, and American Indian Reservations. The entire globe is a psychoactive communications network due drugging, modern medicine, and pollution.

Jokes in the sixties and seventies, for those of you not born yet, were that MTBE, tetrachloride, and the like would 'turn-on & tune-in' the world as an upside to pollution caused cancer rates. Of course, we all change are minds about that at Auntie Em's funeral. People in the know wonder if the lemming-like marine mammal mass deaths have anything to do with psychoactive substances in pollutants with Captain Planet combined energy analogies added. Or better, the combined energies of a Captain Toxic Dumper composed of marine oil drilling thugs clearing the marine mammal sanctuaries of sea-buffalo in hopes of removing regulation. Aside from deep ecology meets psychic espionage, group mind control/influence is an issue of the human specie. Tomes have been published on this subject (again not enough investigative replication and a need for a more public mental health investigation of psychoactive drugging within all neighborhoods of all classes across America). Most people do not read, support funding, call for research and public health panepidemic investigation because they won't risk the ensuing hopelessness, depression, and political crank comments in the reading and debate in the face of ostricism from family, friends, school, employment, government, and organizations. There is a strong population of people in America, as well as the world, who know that psychoactive substance terrorism and oppression is the most frightening and necessary issue facing their lives and the practice of democracy; so write, collect the like minded, and bring it up as an issue where you can. Group control of the mind is the issue here where irritability is the most common denominator side effect of psychoactive exposure. Not only is irritability the most effective attitude of the cultic individual and a parody of squeaky wheel activism, but charges of irritability produced as an effect of the drug affecting the good natured self-conscious victim whom may not know they are drugged or drug exposed can extremely and effectively gaslight victims into self-criticism and compliance. If this is true, what is the impact of this irritability to conflict management and democracy at all levels?

The National Lawyers Guild recently issue a letter on Indymedia commenting against the Bush administration's restriction by license of US citizen travel and business in Cuba. The most prominent idea gleaned from the issue is that individual democracy is suppressed in both countries. While human rights sanctions demand citizen compliance, debate on the underlying issues of societal control need uncovered.
Are we all psychoactive whales saved for Jesus, et.al. (fill-in your own higher power and/or political consensus process, without 12 step, of course)?

When Americans are abhorred by the idea of restriction of freedom of thought, Cuba usually comes to mind. Restriction of freedom of thought and freedom of speech occurs quite rampantly in the US also, while similarly victims are silenced through 'gas lighting', meaning drugged to think or to be thought by others that the victim is not of sound mind. In Cuba, gas lighting via guerilla psychology is state sanctioned; in the US it just comes decentralized oozing out of a Shakespearian novel yet to be written. Shakespeare had us believe drugs were a tool, while 20th century experience uncovers drugs to be 'the' venue of most mental achievements. At a freedom of thought level, all people of the world are restricted by psychic bashing that jeopardizes all other freedoms due to connections to psychoactive substances. Usually psychoactive exposure is nonconsensual and many psychoactive substances pollute our water sources having the same psychoactive qualities and chemical structures as regent quality chloroform, ether, nitrous oxide, GHB, and PCP used so prevently as regent quality by psychics, government remote sensors, and drug culture. A visit to the web site www.erowid.org and searching for book subjects 'chloroform' and 'ether' on Amazon.com provides a detailed enough history to their connection and control in psychism. What is most needed is a direct look and titled works by socio-political and anti-propaganda philosophers on psychoactive chemical use in preserving and inhibiting individual and collective democracy at all levels. It is the glue of propaganda and global culting, as universal and global anthropology has taught us.

Anyone who has experienced chemical induced control or harassment of their freedom of thought would agree that safety is in both defeating the effects of the substances, as much as exposure of the propaganda and cultic process of other users. The nature of decentralized psychic harassment by psychoactive drug exposure defeats individual freedoms by a parody of a grassroots movement while sacrificing the foundations human dignity and rights to a level of socio-biological animal herd behavior and ethics. Group consensus is not necessarily democracy, as any chattel in a harem will tell you. It is all to common to be treated as the unrepresented slave, servant, mentally suppressed, industrial fodder, consumer addict, in this way, as children, family members, neighbors, students, employees, citizens involved in the political process, political representatives, and, most targeted, activists. Active or warehoused, being a victim of chemical toxicity, psychic guerilla tactics, coupled with newly uncovered auto-immune syndromes caused by vitamin deficiencies and sugar/flour based diets- really sucks and someone should do something about it. Accenting one of these dynamics over another is a red herring defeat to solution (sorry about that very bad joke.)

Many of the people in our lives drug us for career networking, the least of motives, while others are drug rapists. Often, they are both. While we're not in-the-know or concerned about its impact, we think we are independent in our accomplishments. We were and still are, rather, a decentralized collection of connected minds and emotions. Sooner or later we all become as activists fighting for our independence at Wounded Knee against vast society sanctioned control tactics by cultic propaganda, chemical control, and extortion. This global phenomenon is not just an isolated sub-culture of a medicine lodge exercising psychotherapeutic coming of age rituals by converting the novices into elders for some cohesive noble goal with drugged nonconsensual sex on the side with unconscious persons and/or hosting psychic sexcapade clipart contests clairvoyantly among themselves. The most of populace of the globe are lodge members such as these. No one will talk or write about it, save a William James. It does not defeat the usefulness of psychicism to admit the aid of psychoactive substances, but hiding such an issue opens psychic practitioners to further extortion and blinding of the 'have-nots' and 'not-in-the knows' to decreased longevity, non-clairaudient PK tortures, and truncation of humanitarian aid. Toxicology reports on these substances available on the US Health and Human Services web site reveal shortening of longevity by decades. Long-term use symptoms include such things as: severe kidney and liver damage, collapsed larynx, destruction of smooth muscle function, hypoxic brain damage, memory loss, motor control loss, and polycythemia, ect... The drug interactions also deplete essential vitamins. Nitrous oxide (N20), laughing gas, available without control and used for anesthetation and heightening of sexual sensitivity, also depletes B-12 necessary for heart function and naturopathic angina and muscle pain treatment. How many heart pain and/or muscle pain tortures causing a stacking of stress toward quicker heart related deaths and severely shortened longevities could be prevented with open education in a similar venue as STD prevention education. Those persons drugging victims of kidney, liver, heart, muscle, blood diseases and cancer should be charged with reckless homicide after victims' death and/or sued for wrongful death and should be charged with reckless endangerment and/or attempted murder before patients die.

Like US American Indian reservations (i.e. McDonald-Navaho/Wilson-Lakota administrations), government extortion and repression against public movement, business, and free speech is/was rampant coupled with consensual and non-consensual use and exposure to psychoactive substances by/against politicians, government employees and citizenry, including activists. Crackdowns are never good where the victims, here the Cuban population, are punished. Cuba is a case study in cultic individuals' control of the governed where individual self-determination and self-development are repressed for the 'cause' and undemocratic control of the populace for the elite.

Repression of US citizen activists in US history fits the same ontology, as does repression on reservations. Substitute 'control' for 'profit' exploitation and see if the communism practiced in Cuba today is not as hypocritical and cruel as it's communist party charges the US political system. US citizens should do business and trade with Cuban citizens in Cuba for reciprocal cult recovery and human rights violations in both countries should be condemned by the world citizenry.

You are a reservation. I am a reservation. Collectively we are 50 states of a reservation. Cuba? Cuba is definitely a reservation. The Former Yugoslavia Republic is every tribal and American oppression and extermination trick wrapped into one historical period of ethnic-cleansing genocide. The how and why answers lie in human caprice and malice growing exponential through the use of psychoactive substance psychokinesis and sublimation, and our inability as a species, including the United Nations, to call scientific and social justice foul on religion and politics use of same, current and throughout human history. We would do best in the 'global diversity' 'common ground' by adhering to a more attainable secular version of holiness in the form of human rights than renewing of commitment to religious faiths. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, though, must be expended to include articles for anti-racism, anti-ageism, anti-classism, longevity rights, clone rights, direct democracy rights, crime of ecocide, 7th generation protection, GBLT rights, gender preference rights, child rights, sexual liberation rights (where force and cultic manipulation are illegal but various religious tabooed sex acts are not), and, most especially, an article against psychic and remote-sensing crime such as negative rekki-like body energy transfers from one individual to another causing either harm to body, mind, or spirit (even electric impulse circuitry is all spirit is). This body energy related PK article will likely lead into an added article for artificial intelligence rights, considering the merger of biochips with telemersion and self-learning computers. If you agree on a need to improve the UDHR, give the Cardinal of Bologna your love and let him know it's an 'us' he been looking for and the only conspiracy is the role that psychoactive substances play when used by the world's meanest humans playing spirit and demon at will. Much of this, the Holy Catholic Church, among other faiths et. al., are quite aware and irresponsibly perpetuate diversion and thereby hinder effective squalling of real secular evil at a global domestic individual political level. Instead, the collection of minds of most of the psycho-actively exposed scapegoat one individual at a time, perpetuating the creation of multitudes of human sacrifices with plots thicker than those of Jesus and/or Yassif.

Consider the concept of 'psychic injury'(if we could only expand that concept to include psychoactive psychic injury), a term with 196 citations in Ohio case law available on the web site Academic Universe. Political psychic injury in both the US and Cuba suppresses the exercise of free thought and free speech in terms of attacked actions against creating a more egalitarian society with intact freedoms by those who take advantage of psychic tools without legal and scientific precedence for recourse. The US taxpayer paid millions for military psychic remote-sensing programs, yet the only substance produced were books published by government remote sensors no longer in federal employment. Even the simplest of political debates in your own community can bring a wrath of psychic attack, which can be more lethal than your opponent's spoken activism. This process of using psychic warfare has turned the politics of our 50 states into the same brew haw experienced in American Indian country where no one is exempt from attack and suppression against their free thought and free speech counter to their administrations' opinions and edicts. Unchargeable RICO Act violators, until scientists can prove psychokinetic and clairaudient ability causation, replace consent of the governed by psychoactive substance network repression. Propaganda and political cultic abuse thrives in this kind of environment. Poor Yorick, I knew him psychoactively and a victim of organized psychic crime.

Psychoactive substances are not Boolean but have measurable molarities of 2 weeks to forever in hair analysis, depending on the substance, but it effects psychic reception for months to years. What scientific communities don't know about brain function when resolved in future research will provide that answer. The simplest answer is that fat-soluble chemicals love that 70%+ portion of the brain that is composed of fat: it's cellulite with attitude. Fat soluble chemicals stay there and bioaccumulate or at least their effects and damage do and no one can measure it without a biopsy of brain tissue, quite riskier than a pee cup long after the window for urine analysis expires. Forensic scientists are threaten by their cities and states at the possible public exposure of the amount of psychoactive criminal mayhem coming across their desks and autopsy tables. 'It's too expensive to test (while insurance companies pay out billions for patients who could have had greater longevity in the face of medical death culture for economics). Everybody likes more power than one vote, influence rules, and by the way it's great sexual fun.' It is a global public health crisis of greater proportion and with more tortured victims than the AIDS epidemic. In the Former Yugoslavia Republic, the worst this attitude yielded was hate-crime psychic rapes, which were psychically warred over until it escalated into physical body-to-body hate-crime raping in retaliation. Eventually civil war ensued to restore honor to warring communities bringing with it genocide with the process-acquired lack of respect and dignity for anyone's life and life itself. The actual psychic and psychokinetic phenomenon is Boolean but so is the scale of pain in medical pain clinics, a large portion of psychology field, and the probable future proof in particle theory and kinetics. Germs were once Boolean.

Like cultures accepting of shamanistic and psychic cultural tools, free speech/thought in the lying elite world (leaders of political power and influence deny the existence of psychic warfare while using it) is suppressed through clairaudient and psychokinetic networking of shared drug exposure to such chemicals as chloroform, ether, and nitrious oxide. Often times LSD/LSA is used for mind/emotion/body control due to it's special qualities of schizophrenia parodying and used to punish the out-spoken and out-thought as drugged victims). Anyone with a dental surgery or tonsillectomy in his or her medical history is a member by volatile anesthetic, which are also classed as psychoactives. One of those 'your neighbor is a remote sensor' kind of things. The truth be known, psychoactive substance use is the medium of our species progress showing the best of our humanity and the worst of our veniality. Good party members rollicking down the PK-transfer highway can do equal harm or help to human and civil rights.

In activist struggles, this psychic threater of mutual and/or one-sided manipulation and exploitation usually occurs where political opponents who may have never met each other in their physical bodies send, by ' PK body energy transfer', the energy of confusion and carelessness of other people (among other energies culminating in torture and murder) into activist's body's engauged in their work. Politicians and government employees suffer greatly from negative body energy transfers via each other and the public making such unethical behavior more acceptable to use in political process. It's why all the presidents' hair turn white and their faces hang with global mayhem. Concerned citizens and opponents alike, send them their worry and anxiety, at best and torturous pain and other's illness pain, at worst. Some activists who profess positive social change and human rights, even more than do public servants, psychically challenge and/or target politicians and public servants making such unethical behavior acceptable because their psychic friends, acquaintances, and enemies behave the same. Opponents in government and issue have killed most well known dead activists this way.

The greatest threat to individual freedom is psychic harassment, psychic transfer of illness symptoms, psychic torture, and psychic murder. All of humanity is both subdued and 'enlightened' by psychoactive substances in every historical period and culture. If this is our identity as not only nations, cultures, historic periods, -but as humanity and species, then the elected elite acquiescent as their forebears to the fruits of 'those-in-the-know' over the na´ve; classic anthropology of shamanic theocracy dynamics. Until we call ourselves on it as peoples and specie, scientific endeavors and funding will not be directed toward proof and prevalence and it's resultant liberation of individual democracy. Universities' 'consciousness laboratories' should be provided more funding for investigation of domestic and international psychic warfare and liberate humanity from these anthropological controls on the 'individual' through exposure, debate and refuge of knowledge. NaivetÚ of the victim and a lying denial of this problem by the psychological/psychiatric community is likely responsible for 20% of natural cause deaths being hidden, prosecutable wrongful death/murder suites. Add to that, 20% of those people diagnosised or thought of as mentally ill are really the hidden psychoactively harassed and scapegoated which should be vindicated by false imprisonment charges due to the chemical slavery and chemical servitude nature of the victimization.

Freedom cannot live in the gas of repression, even if America's founders were networking their successful revolution with ether, chloroform and ergot as communication/bonding tools just as it was used as the 'hairy buffalo' of their college days. The acceptance of slavery must have been won through PK warfare among the original US Constitution signers. The signers' acceptance of the chemical servitude and/or chemical slavery that promoted them into power is the same psychoactive substance psychic networking means of physical slave control. Their acceptance of chemical psychic control of other human beings caused grievous harm to the concept and practice of egalitarianism in democracy leading to our present state of repression of direct democracy. Anti-globalism protesters, in extending social and environmental justice, should also tackle this issue of 'chemocracy' as well.

Bringing more trade, travel, and business to Cuba will cause an increase in exposure to freedom and democracy and a renewed awareness of common lethal cultic processes in societies. No one, not even an oppressed/suppressed/repressed citizen of a megalithic thought control state can keep from dialoguing non-verbally with citizens of a free state in the sight or aura of each other. Can one think of the better transition once Fidel passes out of power, if the good will of civil and human rights by the US 'lesser-than-W's' mixes with the good will of civil and human rights of the Cuban 'lesser-than-Fidel's' over the next few decades. Communist Cuba has stayed Communist Cuba through chemical psychic repression. The citizens of the US are thought in Cuba to have a philosophical foundation made as hypocritical and as cruel by the same psychic warfare that represses them and this is true. The Global Village could use some humanistic counseling by human rights practitioners at all levels, including psychic level. Psychic self-defense by attacked human rights workers/counselors/activists who could help this cause is undercut by public scientific denial coupled with scapegoating persecution psychically in a gaslighting/clockwork orange matrix of psychic, psychological, and psychokinetic warfare by opponents using the afore-mentioned drugs or any other psychoactive substance not cited.

It's better to trade with Cuba now than to provide a new commandant, perhaps more repressive than Fidel, with the same environment of today. Build a more effective democratic psychic venture where democratic people are seen daily in Cuba. Nutrition starved citizens have no freedom of thought, the foundation of any movement. Like the US, Cuba and the rest of the world's nations should have access to the natropathic/nutriceutical revolution because it is the best defense against psychic attack and chemical toxins that cause psychic attack and lowered health of victim populations that are feared to be outspoken, thereby preserving democratic principles and process world-wide. The history of the wife needs a support from yet to be written histories of all psychoactively oppressed special populations. Psychoactive terrorism has always been at the family, neighborhood, employment, and organizational level oppressing even the oppressors who drug others. The scarlet 'D' is as scarlet as the scarlet 'C', when it comes to psychoactive drug telepathy betrayals by family, political opponents or the state. Tourism to Cuba is not a national security risk and Cuba's access to the scientific products of health and nutrition are a basic human right to be extended to anyone.

From the perspective of global economic reform, those of money and power who are our representatives, employers, and product producers are in the most pivotal position to add to psychoactive oppression or help liberate all from it. That psychoactive substances don't kill/oppress people, only some people who psychically network with them do, is only partial true. Side-effect democracy of mental fog, irritability, and toxic organs is a free choice option as chloroform, ether, nitrous oxide, and many plant psychoactive substances are legal to possess and use; only the rich and powerful have the best protected access to LSD and other illegal substances with the most options to use them strategically without impunity. Hollywood is only rich with public influence access not power. It is government and corporate leaders make and break economies, political processes, cities, and persons.

Looking at things from a 'think globally- act locally' perspective, local government leaders by cultic theory have more impunity from prosecution than most of the famous. Hollywood actors are notoriously scapegoated by drug charge prosecution, while democracy drowns through the powerful's psychoactive networking against free speech of citizens and activists. A local prosecutors in a corrupt-if-your-us local justice system can and does breed injustice throughout many, USA included, countries in multitudes of municipalities and counties, just as it does at state and federal levels. These prosecutors are attacked early as child via psychoactive substance networking and held in a similar oppression by business, political, religious, civic communities who also psychoactively network. Many fight the good fight with integrity. Other prosecutors abuse power and the defendants by perpetuating chemical slavery, chemical servitude, and life path assassinations upon those defendants and those that witness-for-peace of these widespread travesties by psychoactive substance terrorism. The resounding putridness of not being able to defend yourself or another with documented scientific or sociological proof of this phenomenon is the missing link to exposing all oppression and the roots of oppression that is prosecutable. All deals barter in blood, drugs and sex, wrapped in skepticism and denial, and addressed to character assassination and charges of mental illness and political danger are sold to democratic citizens as consumers of intellectual welfare- and we acquiescent to that insult because no one focuses or funds proving it as a commonality instead of a rare exception. The same village dynamic is played out at state, national and global scale. Every country has had its Genoa with crimes against humanity perpetuated by representatives of the state and many of these go unexposed. We all know cities in the USA where 90 to 200 people's human rights are violated in an election term, at least. No one says anything because it is spread out over time and is without the exposure of a global event.

The solution, of course, is in collections of individuals enmass revealing their experiences of psychic oppression and having at least their hair tested for fat soluble psychoactives. We as a nation should require standard hair, urine, and blood analysis of every new obituary. Until we speak out individual and collectively, our legislatures, judicial systems, medical communities, and schools will suppress their free speech out of fear of ostricism from their professions and public conservatism and skepticism. It's the best-kept secret of anthropological process of our societies. As we connect to anyone and everyone on the globe, let the destruction of psychoactive terrorism be known. All would want to hear from the youngest to the oldest, developed country or undeveloped country anywhere in the world. It is your strength, our strength and the strength of freedom, liberty, and human rights everywhere.