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Asbestos, Asthma, and Your Rattling Last Breaths

This affords a more complete overall view on the "Moronic Asbestos Modus", which I have also addressed in "Chemical Modus II" and the postscript to "Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken".
My Daddy said that I must provide as much information on this asbestos scenario as possible so that others may know how to bring it into the light. On May 4, 1971 it was publicized that Dr. I. J. Selikoff of Mt. Sinai Medical School revealed that once asbestos fibers are inhaled, they are not expelled, and they do not dissolve. I suspect that there may be some difference in the toxicity of various fibers. For example, the fibers in brake dust may be more damaged then the average fiber due to the constant friction between the brake shoe and the brake drum; thus many of the fibers may have lost the barbed characteristics that prevent them from being expelled from the lungs. Nevertheless the dust is still extremely toxic, and if your children have been playing in it or someone has dumped it on your carpet, asthmatic conditions are likely to develop. On the other hand, the asbestos that comes from mining operations or from sanding pipes that have had asbestos on them is relatively unscathed, most of the fibers will probably become permanently lodged in the lungs. The fact that there has apparently been an attempt to conceal the work of Dr. Selikoff has enabled asbestos to become probably the principle cause of death in many areas.

The probable contamination of this entire town with fibers a few days ago is something that seems to have gone on for years and years. As a matter of fact the hay fever season may actually be due in part to release of such fibers everywhere. Don't forget that if there is 21.6 trillion fibers in a 6 cm. x 6 cm. x 3 cm. handful, a couple hundred pounds could probably contaminate the whole country. This makes me think of what probably happened at the high school in Binghamton in the early sixties. It seems like there was work done that resulted in a release of fibers so that asthma and shortness of breath became extremely common overnight. This was covered up, so that there was no mention of what happened in the news. It also seems that in addition to phosgene, asbestos may also be used to asphyxiate people on respirators, a practice that was described in "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness" Id=24988. In 1982 10 million Americans had asthma. Between 1982 and 1992 there was a 42% increase in asthma cases and a 35% increase in deaths from asthma. The building at the university where they sanded these pipes has been posted with "Danger" and "Keep Out" signs probably because it has been rendered unfit for human habitation. Such work should never be allowed anywhere. Stabilized asbestos insulation is probably never the source of any contamination found in a building prior to removal work. When such insulation is disturbed, the material comes off like strands of string; thus the fibers are not that hazardous because it is probable that they won't become airborne. It is inane to be removing stabilized asbestos anywhere that there is not definite proof that they are the source of contamination, and it is even more inane to allow work that produces the most toxic form of asbestos that there is. Throw the damn pipes out if you think they are a problem! Pipes with stabilized asbestos on them is probably not even considered hazardous waste. The same holds true for any other professed source of contamination such as acoustic tiles, siding, or floor tiles; more often than not they are manufactured so that they won't release fibers.

As for those who have to deal with such contamination, they can prove what is happening and address it probably better than any professed expert in the field. Fibers that contaminate a building can be examined under a microscope. If they were from brake dust, they would probably show signs of extreme wear. If they were sanded from pipes, they would probably have some of the stabilizing material attached to them and be relatively unscathed; and marks from the sanding would probably be visible. I have found that some IMC sites have removed what I wrote in my postscript to "Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken" about using a one inch fiberglass Microfil panel mat with cooking oil dripped on it as part of the makeshift air filter described in "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness". This will probably work anywhere to trap fibers. Drip the oil, fold the mat to disperse the oil, tape it to the cardboard portion of the furnace filter, and drape the pieces of sheet over it with the sheet soaked with baking soda and water on the outside, so that the box fan will draw air first through the sheets, then the oiled panel mat, and then the furnace filter. Although the electrostatic air purifier is probably the best way to purifiy contaminated buildings in the long run, this seems to work pretty well. To trap fibers for examination, it is possible to construct something similar to the commonly used airborne fiber counters with a box fan. One could just place a piece of filter paper on the back of the fan for a period of time, or one could use a funnel, say one foot in diameter. Place the top of the funnel up against the back of the fan and place a piece of filter on the tip of the tube at the apex. You could even make it precise by measuring the amount of air that passes through the filter paper over a period of time, by attaching a plastic bag with a known volume of air in it to the tube and timing how long it takes to empty the bag. It would be worth doing this because it seems like the laboratories that are supposed to do it are set up to say that nobody can prove anything about what is happening. They have probably been listening to brain-damaged coprophagists who think that if you can't see something with the naked eye, then nobody can prove anything. The universities are the places to put an end to such ignorance, for they are the ones who trained these professed experts.

As for the relationship between the lung damage caused by asbestos and other diseases; there is not much information that addresses the connection. It seems like respiratory failure is the end result of asthma as the lungs get progressively worse from scars and calcification. The reduced exchange of gases is what results in multiple organ failure and probably "invites" every disease that you can imagine. In addition to the clubbed fingers and toes and shortness of breath that I mentioned, asbestos also causes the swelling of the feet, hands, and ankles. If someone has dumped asbestos in your house, your will stir it up incredibly if you vacuum it. Carpets are probably not advisable if it has happened once. You must act continuously to avoid further exposure if you already have lung damage from it. The bronchodilators used by asthmatics may actually open the lungs for more damage; thus clean houses are a high priority for them. It is probably best to try to deal with any lung irritation by drinking water. The water helps produce the mucus in the lungs that enable you to cough up whatever contamination that can be coughed up. The asthmatics who suffer the most from this stuff are the ones on whose behalf you should act when trying to address contamination in public places. That is you should act before you get that bad yourself, and certainly before you draw your rattling last breaths.

Id=24988 is on www.indymedia.org.; access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: Having smelled lead in the air several times, I suspect that a similar scenario may be involved in the lead abatement industry. The lead that I smelled was similar to pencil sharpener shavings. Maybe dumping such shavings is a ruse to promote abatement work. Does stabilized lead ever become airborne? Are airborne lead contaminants what they are postulating as the reason for removal work? Tell me if you know.

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