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Globalization> Corvallis (Oregon) Town Hall meeting packed

Last night-Thursday- activist-organized TownHall meeting in Corvallis Oregon was packed tight- standing room only !!
Thursday evening of August 24, a crowd of about 200 persons packed the
Corvallis Library to participate in a Town Hall meeting on Globalization,
FastTrack and the FTAA. Six speakers - including the mayor of Salem -
participated , and the event was moderated by Bill Lunch, OSU professor
and OPB's political analyst/commentator.
Originally conceived for the purpose of providing information to Oregon's
legislators, several of the local elected city, county and state officials
attended. Members of the Congressional delegation were invited, but did
not attend; nor did any congressional staff person show up.
The event was organized by Corvallis Action on Globalization and by
Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE) in conjunction
with several union and environmental organizations.

phone: phone: 541-753-3138

Kudos 24.Aug.2001 17:13

a3m half way to Canada

Been following and must say you've got some nice grass roots PRO activism down that way!

A Successful Event 26.Aug.2001 09:04

Robert G. Gourley gourleyr@peak.org

It really felt good! As one of the speakers wrote, "you guys really did good work putting that event together. When I drove home that night after the town hall, I remembered speaking at the Linn-Benton Community College in October, 1999 -- before the WTO Seattle meeting -- about the importance of going to Seattle. 4 people (besides the speakers) were there. It was so heartening to see the explosion of interest in this issue is less than two years."

A Turning Point for Corvallis Area Community 26.Aug.2001 19:43

Ellen O'Shea ellen_oshea_2000@yahoo.com

A small group of people has been trying to educate our community for some time. Many of the people who showed up are community activists in their own right. The 200+ people who attended were ready for some "deep" discussion about how globalization is changing our earth...very fast and very radically for the worse. If every community in the pacific NW and the nation would just begin to talk about the facts to their neighbors and their community...such as NAFTA's Chapter 11...if more people would wake up! Several people from Corvallis are going to Washington DC in September... We will not stop protesting and educating till there is a change for the better!

Tip of Iceberg 29.Aug.2001 16:51

Shane O'neill

To all Corvallis types-
The recent show of local concern in corporate globalization is the tip of the iceberg of political dissent currently fermenting in Corvallis. City administrators, officials have no idea of the real status of dissent. This is because most of them occupy their own soci-economic place and have little or no contact with the radical community. When the dam breaks the only ones left standing will be real people not self-serving elitist bastards. Mark these words, Corvallis is in for a serious kick in the ass, to knock people out of their yuppified, happy-gokissass-lucky lifestyles. There is a new generation that has recently gained conciousness of reality. While we resist capitalism and all of its sugarcoated lies we create a new world for ourselves.

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