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Sick of the Noisy Planes?

sick of noisy planes flying over in NE portland?

call 503-460-4023 on Monday and complain

to my neighbors in NE between Alberta and Killingsworth from 15th to 23rd:

I live on 20th and I've noticed a lot of planes flying over my house lately.

If you're sick of hearing the roaring planes flying overhead, I've got a phone number for you to call. On 8/20 at my house, we heard 16 planes fly over in 2 hours, 7 of which flew by in one 20 minute period!

The general Noise Abatement Hotline won't get you anywhere (503-460-4100), but I've got the number of someone who is employed to help us. His name is Joe Walake and he's the Noise Abatement Manager. He's out of the office until 8/27. Call him Monday at 503-460-4023.

Together, we can rid our neighborhood of the excessive disturbingly loud planes.

I don't have the time or resources to get this info out to as many people as I would like to. Please share this info with other neighbors and feel free to print out and distribute.