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ya bikr go

yo..and...lo.............to thouse who ttravel on two wheels.....self propelled...and content iin your form of ttransit,,,,,
yo critial is our mass .... commwe celebrate the bycicle...

west side,., under the burnside bridge...5:30/////

last friday of EERVRRRRY moth....

phone: phone: ya
address: address: bike ho

more than critical mass 24.Aug.2001 09:26


in 2002 portland will host the internation month of bike festivities called bikesummer.

come to the first planning meeitng on monday august 27 at the red and black cafe at 7.

think of the possibilities:
welding workshops
how to build chunk bikes
bicycle ballet
basic bike repair
art bike competitions
bike-in theater
oh my!

Ri On 25.Aug.2001 01:42


Art i' good
'cycling better.

Question 25.Aug.2001 15:14

alex aldaily@krl.org

im moving to portland the upcoming wednesday, and wanted to attend critical mass. is anyone riding from the southwest area of portland(Lewis and Clark college to be exact), and i was wondering if i could ride with you to mass.

thanks, alex