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Dignity Village Meeting Deals In Logistics

At the weekly Dignity Village meetng on August 23rd, preparations were begun to deal with the logistics of moving Dignity Village.
At the weekly Dignity Village meeting on August 23, the orange and white tent at Northwest Savier Street and 17th Avenue was full of Villagers and Village supporters struggling to hear over the traffic from the interstate overpass. Speakers took turns using a borrowed bullhorn, but people standing outside the tent could still barely hear.

A meeting was announced for August 24th at 1:00PM at Dignity Village to prepare for the meeting with the Portland City Council on August 30th.

A motion was made and adopted to begin a formal take-down of the Village in preparation for the move. Deputies were elected to manage the logistics of moving 70 people, their belongings, their tents, and the community supplies and equipment.

Dignity Village fully expects to be moved from the current site by the September 1st deadline. As the clock winds down, the City Council working with the Portland Development Commission has still not identified a new location for Dignity Village.

Ibrahim Mubarak, a spokesperson and organizer for Dignity Village, was noticeably absent. He had not been heard from for almost two days and some Villagers had become quite concerned. However, as of the evening of the 23rd, Mubarak had been in touch with a few members of the Village.

phone: phone: 503-963-8140

Open Letter to Janus IWW 24.Aug.2001 11:01

Mario ks@bari.iww.org

Janus IWW,

I am writing to encourage your industry branch of the IWW to endorse Dignity Village efforts to find a temporary, suitable, public space for their encampment, if you have not done so already.
By "temporary" I mean until the city of Portland offers shelter that is so dignifying that the villagers voluntarily decide to leave the camp on their own terms. In a recent article from "The Oregonian" it states that Dignity Village constitutes a private invasion of public land and therefore is unjustified. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is a non-profit group that is offering a vital public service to working class and poor folks that the city officals have so far refused to provide.

A decent living is not something we should be begging for from the rich and their puppets in government. It is something we should take with our economic weight. As the IWW says, "Labor is entitled to all it creates". Further, it is in the core interest of working people to make sure that the most needy are provided for with basic public services. After all the threat of being fired is the bosses greatest weapon against organized and unorganized labor. Let's start fighting back by first taking the edge off their threats.



St. Louis, MO