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The Shortwave Report 8/24/01 ˇLISTEN GLOBALLY!

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinions recorded from a shortwave radio. Broadcast quality 13.7MB and streaming audio 3.5MB. Free to rebroadcast. With times and freqs for listening at home. Radio Spain, Germany, China, Netherlands, Cuba
The latest Shortwave Report (August 24) is up on the website  http://www.outfarpress.com and ready to download (13.7MB/29:55). It's free to rebroadcast, please notify me if you air it, please mention the website if you only use portions of it. If you're just going to listen to it and have a slow dial-up connection, try the smaller file (3.5MB) or the streaming audio form. The sound quality is quite inferior, but it's listenable and all the information is there.
This week's show has stories from Spanish National Radio, Radio Deutsche Welle, China Radio International, Radio Netherlands, and Radio Havana Cuba.
From Spain- Brazil has become the #2 consumer of cocaine, complete with social problems; the Columbian military is leading major attacks on rebels in SE Columbia, using helicopters and fighter planes.
From Germany- the Columbian military surrounds 2200 rebels in SE Columbia; from "Man & Environment", an in-depth story about the opposition to genetically-modified crops in Europe.
From China- Panda bears are becoming extinct but cloning them isn't the solution; the Chinese military has launched its largest ever exercises off the coast, rapidly following a US military exercise in the S China Sea.
From Netherlands- the US debt to the UN has reached a record $2.3 billion; 200 prominent US citizens want the UN Conference on Racism to look at the War On Drugs as a vehicle for racism; India doesn't want its caste system considered a form of racism at the same conference; newly released documents show that the US military knew a massacre was brewing in Rawanda when they pulled out in 1994.
From Cuba- a county in N Carolina doesn't want to become the new target range replacing Puerto Rico; a mass grave found in Nicaragua alleged to be victims of the Sandanistas turns out to be an indigenous burial site.
All this plus times and frequencies for listening to shortwave at home. I hope you'll listen to and/or broadcast this show. This show still needs a funder, please share any ideas of how I could find one. It's great to hear from you.
link for this edition (broadcast)  http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/swr_8_24_01.mp3
link for streaming audio  http://nyc.indymedia.org/stream.php3?url=http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/swr_8_24_01_16_11.mp3
ˇFurthuR! Dan Roberts
-- "Chance favors only the prepared mind."
- Louis Pasteur

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