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IWW IU-650 Strikes

IWW IU-650 Strikes
IWW IU-650 Strikes
Today workers at Streetlight Youth shelter unanimously went on strike for their weekly staff meeting.

The strike resulted from Janus Youth Programs unacceptable economic proposal. The proposal includes scheduled wage increases that are already in place, and program budget savings as a bonus.($5000 between 20 workers)

Workers have been offered to watch their budget for savings. Managements suggestions have been to "Not use so much cheese on the youth's nachos" and "Remember to turn out the lights!"

It has dubbed the "Cheese and Lights" offer.

The stike lasted nearly two hours. Workers met and worked on shelter business as usual just without the unnecessary distractions. Decisions we're made democratically by the workers that do the work.

Strategy for gaining a contract were discussed and Unionists will move on in their struggle to achieve a living wage, a contract and make another workplace more democractic!

For more info on contract bargaining for IU-650 (Streetlight, Porchlight, Harry's Mother, Garfield House) and Janus Youth Programs call-Paul 503-282-6100
Bill 503-236-6948
Or IU-650 Union line for messages 503-231-5488

phone: phone: 503-231-5488