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Selling the Scenery Conference - August 26-29, Portland, OR

Next time you see one of those Scenic Highway or Scenic Byway signs, you'll know they are nothing more that marketing tools for commodifying the scenery and for turning you into a consumer of everything you chance upon in our travels. ---
"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view." Ed Abbey
ARC's President, Derrick Crandall, will be in Portland this weekend to proselytize about Scenic Byways. Perhaps some of you might wish to drop in and offer your own thoughts!

America's Scenic Byway program stems DIRECTLY from lobbying efforts of the American Recreation Coalition. It exists to funnel massive amounts of your tax dollars into developing inappropriate Industrial Tourism infrastructure. It was created to give people places to burn gasoline, to support the specific needs of the RV, private campground and motel industries and to promote public private partnerships on a landscape scale.

Appended is a condensed version of this weekend's program. Pasted immediately below is a introductory statement from the RV industry.

Next time you see one of those Scenic Highway or Scenic Byway signs, you'll know they are nothing more that marketing tools for commodifying the scenery and for turning you into a consumer of everything you chance upon in our travels. Only problem is, that as a consumer of prepackaged nature you're unlike to "chance upon" anything every again. And THAT, my friends, will be the subject of Mr. Crandall's presentation.


"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view." -- Edward Abbey


The RV America Association (RVAA) is an Internet Club for RVers, and is designed to be a grassroots advocacy organization that will support other organizations. Examples include:

The American Recreation Coalition (ARC), a powerful voice in Washington, which represents the combined recreation coalition -- from snowmobiling to watersports to the RV lifestyle. ARC works closely with officials in Washington and was the prime architect of our National Scenic By-Ways program, the force behind President Regan's Study of American Recreation. And ARC is a strong advocate in protecting access to public lands, national parks and forests and to insure that RVs and their owners are not unreasonably or specifically taxed to support the RV lifestyle.

-------- Upcoming Program condensed quoted ----------


America's Byways: Celebrating the Journey
2001 National Scenic Byways Conference
August 26-29, 2001 (Portland - Oregon)


Session 1C - Economics, Partnerships and Your Byway Community
Sustaining the economic vitality of rural byway communities is a challenge. Developing a partnership between the civic and business leaders along a byway can launch new collaborations especially if the concept of enterprise facilitation is part of the recipe. Come listen to this international expert on how the dreams of the citizens along your byway can be embraced by key partners and energized with the tools of this creative approach to success that is truly grass-roots driven. Discover hands-on techniques that will recharge your batteries.

Session 2A - Building the America's Byways Brand
Attend and be introduced to the new America's Byways brand! Participants will have the opportunity to hear first-hand how the brand will be built by utilizing marketing and promotional efforts. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how your byway community can benefit from a cooperative marketing strategy with FHWA and other partners.

Session 2F - What's In It For Me?
(The Answer To Promoting Partnerships)
Promoting lasting byway partnerships becomes easier and more effective when you identify the benefits for each player. Learn from Illinois scenic byway representatives how to market your byway to the right people. Show what's in it for them and you're on your way to a cooperative and constructive organization.

Session 3A - Merging Byways and Tribes
Byways and tribal governments combine efforts to build better promotion and education tools. Learn from byways forging new ground through joint projects in marketing, interpretation, visitor center development and preservation of Native American culture.

Session 3B - Alternative Funding: Looking Beyond Traditional Sources
Don Charpio, Bureau of Land Management Gain a broad knowledge of how to conduct both an internal and external evaluation and identification process to determine if your organization is prepared to undertake alternative funding activities. Become familiar with the value of knowing the environment and competition you operate within. Learn about alternative sources to fund projects and programs.

Session 3C - Economic Impact: What's It Worth?
Calculating byways' economic impact helps validate efforts and funding in the eyes of legislators and partner organizations. Fascinating factors and formulas play a role in determining those all-important figures. Find out how your byway can assess local economic impact. Brought to you by America's Byways Resource Center.

Session 4B - The Visitor Center: Fondest Dream or Worst Nightmare?
Using eye-opening case studies, this panel on planning a visitor center introduces important considerations that may surprise you. Delve into topics such as interpretive story line development, revenue generators, alternative gift shop/café operations, and space for education and group activities.

Session 6A - Exactly How Red Is A Tour Group's Red Carpet?
Group tours, especially tour operators, now expect the red-carpet treatment. What does that mean to byways and their local businesses? Can it be profitable? Learn the secrets to motorcoach marketing and group tour development from a proven professional in the field.

Session 7B - Technology for Byways
Derrick Crandall, American Recreation Coalition Mary Beth Seibert, American Recreation Coalition Telling the story of your byway could be easier using technology. This session explores exciting possibilities in the world of telematics, CD-ROMs, Global Positioning System, low-powered radio, and wireless communications. Find out how ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) are improving traveler information and safety, and how rural communities and byways can benefit. Brought to you by America's Byways Resource Center.

Session 7C - Maximizing Marketing
Market your byway like any other public attraction and maximize your dollars. Integrated marketing crosses over multiple avenues, including print and broadcast advertising, consumer shows, PR and training programs. Create common themes, partner with the private sector and explore unique strategies to make your marketing work harder.

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