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Seattle Reclaim the Streets Party for THIS SATURDAY Update

Seattle Reclaim the Streets Party for THIS SATURDAY Update
---  rtsinfo@bolt.com wrote:
> Greetings All!
> 3 Days to RTS! and we are pumped. Thousands of flyers have been handed
> out. Hundreds of posters seem to have been wheatpasted throughout the
> city -shame on those rascally rabbits :) and someones bare bottom has
> become almost famous. Now that the wait is almost over we thought we
> should give people some final details. The weather forcast looks good.
> Slightly cloudy and no chance of rain. Woo Hoo! We will assemble to march
> at 5PM however the earlier you can arrive the better. 4PM would be a
> good time to arrive. If you can't make it to Denny Park we are going
> to try changing the infoline once we reach the party spot. Otherwise
> just look around downtown/capital hill for the large march with a ton
> of cops following it. Music will be playing and different groups will
> have info on all sorts of stuff (the wto anniversary, upcoming non-corporate
> raves, etc). Food will be available but if you have extra food bring
> it to share. If you are going to the Conflict, Resist and Exist, triple
> A show at Graceland we'll be doing outreach before the show if you want
> to help. We have built several large puppet type structures and we'll
> also have a bunch of backpack puppets so we could use some help carrying
> them on the march. Although this is a party it is still making a statement
> about car culture, corporate power (and the corporatization of youth
> culture), and the use of public space so don't expect the city to be
> too happy with us. We advise you come prepared for a variety of outcomes.
> We recommend bandannas and anything else you would want to have with
> you should the police use illegal violence. That said we are coming to
> party! So pack your bubbles, glow sticks, wings, cards, juggling balls,
> hula hoops, chalk, and other instruments of fun! The DJ's and bands are
> lined up and ready to go. The mobile sound system is ready to rock. The
> banners are drying. The city is just waiting to be transformed and now
> all we need is you.
> This Saturday at Denny Park we make the first step of many to take this
> city back. Join Us.
> Solidarity Now and Forever.

homepage: homepage: http://reclaimseattle.tripod.com

Where's Denny Park? 23.Aug.2001 13:27


Where is the show before the park, and where's Denny Park, directions from hwy or fremont bridge or busline would help us out-of towners who are coming.

See ya there!

well 23.Aug.2001 18:20


The show the night before is at Graceland located at 109 Eastlake Ave East Seattle, WA 98109. Doors open at 7PM Show starts at 8PM. Conflict (UK), Against All Authority, Fartz, and Resist and Exist. All Ages: 10 dollars. bar w/id
Housing available for after the show for out of towners.
It's right next to I-5 by melrose and stewart st. About 20 blocks north of the downtown retail core.

RTS Party: Denny Park (corner of dexter and denny)
Arrive 4PM for food, bands, info, Depart for march/party~5:00PM. Denny Park- right off of Aurora Ave-99
About 10 blocks from the waterfront and about 5 blocks from the Hurricane Cafe for anyone who's been there.

Sorry I can't give better directions to people. I'd recommend you just take the address and get real driving directions from where your at to the address.