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You are invited to join activists from the workplaces, the neighborhoods, and the anticapitalist movement in a weekend of discussions.

Hosted by the Chicago Direct Action Network
Endorsed by Carpenters Local 713 and AFSME 3506

You are invited to join activists from the workplaces, the neighborhoods, and the anticapitalist movement in a weekend of discussions.

Time/Location: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7th, 8th, 9th, September at the United Electrical Workers Hall, 37 S. Ashland, Chicago

Speakers include representatives from the Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes, Save Maxwell Street Campaign, Camp Cesar Chavez High School Campaign, Carpenters Wildcat Strike of 1999, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Anti Racist Action, Workers Solidarity Club of Youngstown Ohio, CLAC (Canadian AntiCapitalist Convergence), and the Teamsters Jeffboat Wildcat Strike

Life is getting harder for working class people as wages decline and the work rate increases. Billions of people worldwide are starving and the planet is being polluted while the offensive of the major corporations to increase their profits and control threatens all. Strikes, mass movements, demonstrations, uprisings and the movement that emerged in Seattle are challenging the corporate agenda. Confronting and halting this offensive is the central task facing activists and working people today.

Chicago Direct Action Network is hosting this weekend to discuss how to fight and how to win. We will draw lessons from the failed policies of the trade union leaders, the mainstream protest and liberal organizations, and the various oppositions that have developed over the past decades, as well as look at the strengths and weaknesses of the anti-globalization movement that has developed since Seattle. We also will discuss how the fight against racism, sexism and other oppressions relates to the fight against capitalism.

The old "politics of protest" have failed. We aim to build unity between the new anti-global capitalist movement and the activists in the workplaces and neighborhoods and unions, between the struggles in the most exploited countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the struggles in the more economically powerful countries. If you wish to be involved in struggles that win, to develop alternative policies to those of the leaders of the unions and the mainstream liberal protest movements, then come along to our weekend of discussions.

Cost: $50 - $10 Sliding Scale, FREE for those with no income or means

Housing for people will be provided by members of the Chicago Direct Action Network and local activists free of charge

Defeating the Offensive of Global Capitalism-
Fighting to Win.

Friday 9/7 7.00 P.M.
Welcome from Chicago DAN. Discuss the plans and hopes for the weekend. Speakers from Chicago's local struggles include: Reps from the Little Village/Camp Cesar Chavez campaign for a new High School, Beauty Turner, Robert Taylor resident and long time public housing and police brutality activist, Jimmy Lee Robinson of the Save Maxwell Street campaign and more.

Saturday 9/8
9.30 A.M. to 12.30. P.M. "Current Situation, the Long Retreat and the Beginnings of a New Movement."
-Representative from the Chicago Direct Action Network: The World Corporate Offensive

-Staughton Lynd, rank and file organizer, author, and member of the Workers Solidarity Club of Youngstown. Ohio: The Retreat of Labor and the Failure of Opposition Groups

-Jaggi Singh, organizer and jailed resister of the Quebec Anti-Capitalist Convergence, CLAC against the FTAA:The Beginnings of New Struggle ( The anti-globalization movement )

2.30 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. "Cooperation or Confrontation"

-Delores Camargo, hungar striker from Camp CÚsar Chavez struggle for a new high school in Little Village: Little Village and the City of Chicago

-John Reimann, elected head of 1999 North California Carpenters Wildcat Strike, expelled for life from Carpenters Local 713: The Union "Team Concept"

-Emma Lozano, long time Chicago activst and organizer around immigration

7.00 P.M.
Music, poetry, dance

Sunday 9/9
9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M."Direct Action and Building a New Movement."

-Representative from the Teamsters Jeffboat Wildcat Strike, Louisville, KY: Wildcatting in the Unions

-Anti Racist Action

-John Clarke, organizer from Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, featuring "Direct Action Casework" against poverty:OCAP and Direct Action Casework

1.30 P.M. to 4.00 P.M. "Future plans, networking for solidarity, preparations for the International Monetary Fund/World Bank protests."

(No main speakers, open discussion)

For more information, directions, and reservations for the
conference and housing contact:

Chicago Direct Action Network,
1658 N. Milwaukee Avenue Box #361
Chicago, IL 60647
Tel: 773 377 5001 x3175
Email:  DirectAction@Onebox.com

phone: phone: 773 377 5001 x3175
address: address: 1658 N. Milwaukee Avenue Box #361, Chicago, IL 60647