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Keeping the Heat on Bank of America - Sat., Aug. 25: 12-2pm

What: Leafleting about HLS, Stephens Inc, and the Bank of America
When: Saturday August 25th Noon - 2
Where: Bank of America on SE 37th & Hawthorne (next to Powell's Books)
Thanks to everyone who came out for the demonstration against the Bank Of America, Stephens Inc, and Huntingdon Life Sciences on Monday. People on the streets were extremely receptive to our message and were actually asking us for literature!

Since Monday kicked off the HLS investor of the week campaign against the Bank of America , perhaps some of you would be interested in telling the BofA just what you think about their business ties with Stephens Inc, the investment firm responsible for saving HLS from going under. For email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers, check out this page:


There is a form letter already prepared at this site, but it would be excellent if you could put something original together. Please let the BofA know you won't support them as long as they are contributing to useless animal testing, the death of 500 animals a day, and the torture of countless others!

Monday's demo went so well that we are going to try it again at another BofA location -- join us at the BofA on 37th & Hawthorne at noon for some leafleting action! **If there's a BofA location near you that you'd like to distribute literature at, let us know ( caatinfo@mac.com) - we'll plan a day and put it out to the list!

homepage: homepage: http://www.bankofamericakills.com