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All Out for Mumia

We are at the end of the war to save Mumia's life! EVERYONE must
act now!
On August 17th, while about 2,000 demonstrators rallied outside,
State Court Judge Pamela Dembe heard Mumia's lawyers argue why there
should be another Post Conviction Relief Appeal. Dembe strongly leaned
towards the prosecution's arguement that certain time limits for
presenting evidence have expired and therefor the court doesn't have to
reopen the PCRA process. Dembe's approach to the hearing was earily like
Judge Yohn's denial of a deposition from Arnold Beverly as she hinted
that Mumia's innocence or guilt doesn't matter in her courtroom.
Mumia's lawyers have until Sepember 7th to file on why evidence of
innocence should be heard in court and then the prosecution has until
the 21st to file a rebutal. Our demands for Judge Dembe are:

1) That the Arnold Beverly confession be heard by the State Courts

2) That an evidentiary hearing be held in the State Courts to consider
all of the evidence pointing to Mumia's innocence

3) That Mumia be present at this hearing and at all legal proceedings
in his case

4) That Mumia be released from prison because of evidence of his
innocence as well as police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct in
his original "trial"

We are at the end of the war to save Mumia's life! EVERYONE must
act now! We are calling on all organizations, churches and public
figures who care about justice to take action now, speak up and be there
on Sept. 15. Mumia is absolutely innocent, the courts know this and are
trying to kill him anyway using excuses such as time. Be there on Sept.
15th to let these officials know... NOT ONE MORE INNOCENT PERSON! We
must let Judge Dembe know that she MUST do JUSTICE!

Saturday, September 15th
Mass Demo at Philadelphia CityHall at 1pm
Let Judge Dembe know that justice must be done!