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Stop the Salvation Army!

The Salvation Army and their Union Busting ways!
Stop the Salvation Army From Closing Five Vital Programs

Workers at Salvation Army and their union, IWW IU 650, are struggling to
prevent the Army from closing the Greenhouse School, Drug and Alcohol
Group, the Softball and Recreation Programs, and the Day Center for
homeless youth. We need your help. Please call the Army toll free at
888-777-2769 to speak up for these effective and much-loved programs.

Come to a Memorial program honoring the work of these programs on
Thursday, August 30 at Noon in O'Bryant Square right near the Greenhouse
Drop-In for homeless youth on SW 9th and Oak in Portland, OR. We need
as much community
support for these youth as possible. The cancellation of these programs
has been devestating for them.

Peace and Solidarity,

phone: phone: 503-231-5488

Date correction! 22.Aug.2001 00:58

Paul water_pie@hotmail.com

The date should be Thursday the 23rd. All the rest is correct.

Thanks 22.Aug.2001 03:38


Thanks for the date correction. My error in proofreading. Greatest apologies for any inconvenience.


Cocerned for my friends! 21.Jul.2003 09:18

Aymee beautifully_chaoticangel@yahoo.com

I am concerned not for the staff or for the Salvation Army but for the street youth that access the Greenhouse. I have known many ofthem for over 10 months because i was one of them. I am now in Job Corps. and am doing something positive with my life. I am VERY upset that Greenhouse is being closed. Oregon has a no camping Ordinance (believe me, I am also a member of Portland Peace Encampment so I know how the police love to enforce this ordinance) and this closure is going to push more youth onto the streets! I know this for a fact because my friend Ray, is now sleeping on the streets due to a low number of beds in the shelter. He now has nowhere to get a free lunch and he is only 18. I agree that something needs to be done about this closure. I also have been trying to get something organized but, I am not quite sure what. Please email me at  beautifully_chaoticangel@yahoo.com if you have any ideas or for any information on the Greenhouse program.

503-695-2245 ext.662