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Brie and Anarchy

Greetings from Baltimore. The following article was published on the front page of today's paper. I have no idea who this Caitlin Francke dumbass journalist is, but she definitely deserves some edumuncating. Since this article pertains to Eugene anarchists, I really don't think this imbecile expected you guys to catch wind of this. Fortunately, I am here to help spread the word.
Some of my personal, uh, favorites (besides the fucking inane title: "For Oregon, brie and anarchy"

then there's:
"Down the road from Oregon wine country...just steps from a city-sponsored rose garden, live people that want to blow it all up."

Eugene's a "hotbed of American anarchism, filled with people who dream of bringing about the end of the world as we know it."

Better yet, let a businessman tell you what anarchy is REALLY about:
"If you are a true anarchist, you don't believe in organization," says businessman Randy Dreiling, 33.

This is the first time I've seen the "a" word printed more than one time in a single article. Very, very few people even know what anarchy is out here - thanks to Mofo Francke and her most excellent journalism, now they think they will.
But, for all I know, she doesn't even exist and it's just the Feds that contrived this whole damn article and invented the interviews, just waiting for the angry letters to pour in so they can get a few easy targets before Sept/Oct. Who fucking knows. Just assail the fucking editorial office. They've never printed anything I've sent them, but at least they can be annoyed.

In Love and Solidarity from B-more-

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