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For Morgan Hager

Your affidavit + questions/G8
If you read this, Morgan, I'd like you to know that I was stunned by your detailed account of what you endured. I put it up on my site (see URL), and sent excerpts + the URL to thousands of people via mailing lists.

You've been on my mind all weekend. You would have been sooner had I known. But there's been so little publicity about you here ... I ran across your name on the dossier of the injured, got curious, and ran a search here at Portland's IndyMedia. It was then that I found your affidavit.

Someday, I'd like to hear more from you, including your experiences in the demonstrations, and what led you to travel all that way to a demonstration, from Oregon to Italy.

Had I the opportunity, I would have done what you did: Traveled to the G8. Never would I have expected to go through what you did. I hope you give yourself a lot of time to heal, and that you share your largely unknown story with many.

It's shocking that the only press story I found was an AP report in the Eugene, Oregon paper. The Oregonian yielded no search results. We in Washington state, therefore, had no way of knowing about you -- but now, I assure you, at least a few hundred here have your story.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopwhalekill.org

check out the portland tribune 06.Aug.2001 17:52

pleasantly surprised

friday aug.3 the portland tribune has a good piece on megan and states some truth about what really happened in genoa. it's the first corporate news coverage i've seen in the area that has covered the truth.

URL to story? 06.Aug.2001 23:22

Susan susanyabis@yahoo.com

I'd like to see the story or the URL. Thank you.

The funeral march photos are incredible. I sent the URL for those to Washington state lists tonight.

You're great people.