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The straw that could break America's back

If the oregon eco-terrorism laws were really applied, this guy would be doing time....
The straw that could break America's back

Full text of a speech delivered in Klamath Falls, Oregon

By Officer Jack Redfield
July 28, 2001


Editor's note: Shortly after Officer Redfield delivered this speech, he was
put on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

Many residents of Klamath County reading this letter will identify my name
with law enforcement as I have been a member of the Klamath Falls Police
Department for over 39 years. The content of this letter is not necessarily
the opinion of the City of Klamath Falls or the Klamath Falls Police

It is my opinion as a private citizen of Oregon and the United States and
as a small ranch operator. I am not affected financially to the degree of
other Klamath Basin ranchers due to non-ranch related income. I am also one
of the fortunate few who irrigates from a well (for the time being), but
there is no doubt that the so-called environmentalists will be initiating
an effort to control or stop irrigation from ground water in the near

My considered opinion of the recent water crisis in the Klamath Basin,
which has been initiated by the so-called environmentalists and our federal
agencies, is that it is nothing more than an act of thinly disguised
domestic terrorism directed at the economy of the US.

I believe that the people who are orchestrating this atrocity are not
environmentalists at all (although they may be being manipulated into
believing they are doing the right thing), but that they are actually
acting in the capacity of environmental and/or economic terrorists (or at
least extremists) who are launching a severe and effective attack upon the
economy of the United States.

The same environmentalist extremists enjoyed a good deal of success in
recent years with the spotted owl, which was also nothing more than an
excuse to destroy the logging industry. There is no doubt that had the
spotted owl not been considered an endangered species, they would have
easily found another creature, be it a reptile, fish, other bird, rodent,
etc. that needed to be protected to further their cause. So be it with the
suckers. In other parts of the nation where such nonsense is starting, I am
hearing reports of endangered gnatcatchers, shrimp, turtles, other fish,

Recently the terrorists/extremists have enjoyed a tremendous success in
shutting down our local agriculture with no regards at all to the misery
and destruction of thousands of local ranchers, farmers, local business
people. They have also found a great amount of support through the liberal
federal court system within the ninth district. I don't see that changing
until the case makes it to the U.S. Supreme Court, but that takes time and
I am afraid that it will be too late for many of our local people by then.

Our only hope is that Congress will recognize where this is going within
the entire nation and take action to modify the endangered species act to
achieve a reasonable balance between the needs of endangered species and
the livelihood of American citizens.

This is NOT a local issue. I would suggest that the Klamath Basin attack is
nothing more than a test case. With the success that the environmental
extremists and some out of control federal agents (so called public
servants, HAH) have recently enjoyed, they will not stop in the Klamath

They are already up to their devious evil in other parts of Oregon and in
other states. Considering that there is a good deal of agriculture in
nearly every state in the nation, this thing will spread like wildfire and
before long I believe that our way of life as we now know it will be very

We have seen a great deal of restraint among our local agriculture
community and our local business people who are threatened, despite the
extreme emotional trauma that they are experiencing and their
understandable anger. Their professionalism and restraint during the recent
bucket brigade demonstration was remarkable. This will not last.

As the extremists and out of control federal agents continue to push and as
the agricultural people see their fields turn brown and their entire lives
destroyed, their frustration will undoubtedly escalate to the point of
boiling over. It won't take much from Andy Kerr or Wendell Wood or their
like to spark an extremely violent response. I am talking about rioting,
homicides and destruction of property like dams that hold the precious
water from the agricultural community.

When you expand the crisis to our 50 states over the next year or two as
this madness progresses, you are looking at the destruction of the
livelihoods of millions of people and businesses. Will that strike a
violent response? I think so!

As the economy of the entire nation is threatened and crumbles, I think
that the leaders of other nations who are not necessarily friends of the
United States will be smiling broadly. Will our national security be
threatened? I certainly think so!

(Is it possible that there are foreign governments who would enjoy a severe
economic crisis in the United States, and is it possible that these foreign
governments who are not friendly to the United States might be rendering
substantial financial support to this economic attack? What better way to
bring a nation to its knees than to attack their agriculture water supply?)

Is there a possibility that this could lead to civil war within the United
States? I think the potential for extreme violence, even to the extent of
Civil war is possible if action is not taken in the very near future to
remedy this tragedy.

Compare this to the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Is it possible
that a foreign power was instrumental in their economic collapse? Is the
U.S. next? Are other nations who depend heavily on agriculture, such as
Australia experiencing an attack of the same nature?

I am seriously afraid that if our United States Congress and the Federal
Court System does not wake up and stop this madness, this nation is about
to experience an era that has the potential to severely damage or
completely destroy our nation's economy. Should this happen, all the
efforts of our political leaders, military forces and loyal U.S. citizens
in the history of our nation will have gone for naught. The promises of the
United States government to all those veterans of foreign wars and other
United States citizens will become as worthless as their dry fields. God
help us if our federal government doesn't come to their senses and
recognize the extreme danger of this fiasco before it is too late!
Listen Jack 06.Aug.2001 06:25

Mike stepbystepfarm@shaysnet.com

While I think I have a pretty good idea where your coming from, after all, I too have seem my crops dry up if it doesn't rain. But from some of the things you just said, I'm afraid you haven't a clue about the thinking of a typical "environmentalist".

What on Earth makes you think I would disagree with a statement like "we need a reasonable balance between the interests of humans and those of all the other species with which we share the planet". All we're arguing about is what would constitute a "reasonable balance".

What on Earth makes you think I don't love this land too, that maybe that's precisely why I am an "environmentalist".

If I were less charitable I could interpret YOUR position as indicating "no interest in a reasonable balance" or "showing lack of love for the land". But I won't, I rather suggest you try to explain to somebody like me (and I posted my address so you can) what you think makes sense as a "reasonable balance" or why trashing the habitat shows love of the land.

And yes, we do actually disagree somewhat about the source of the problem in the basin. While you'd say it's imposed regulations I'd say it's not enough rain falls to supply the water "needs" of ALL the basin inhabitants. Care to try and explain what if anything governments have to do with how much rain falls.

PS -- there most certainly are "environmentalists" down under. If you write, I can supply you with a web site address or two to prove it.