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What to do with All This Money!

Resisting the urge to spend IRS Tax Break check on consumer goods and services.
Pres. Dub-ya's Tax Break checks are starting to arrive for some. The plan is to boost the economy by having the consumer class do what it does best, consume. This will not be in our best interest in the long run, but it will provide some quick sales for large corporations. I am urging everyone that can to donate some or all of their IRS checks to indepent media, non-profit organizations, Planned Parenthood, KBOO radio, The Portland Alliance, homeless shelters, whatever would impress President Bush the most. Happy Spending!
where else to spend 02.Aug.2001 14:34

Rich Joe

if you're gonna buy, make it things like
coffee at places like worker-owned red and black cafe on division, or at co-op food places or co-op city bikes with two location on ankeney, or non-profit community cycling center on alberta somewhere.

just plum donating is good too.

how about to indymedia for portland or an extremely local org like city repair!!!!

OOO fun! 02.Aug.2001 14:36


Then send a note to the Bushy and tell him "I gave my money to KBOO - fuck you - alternative open-minded liberal talks about pagans radio!"