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Attachments for Is Democracy Excercised Democracy Beaten?

E-mail to Italian Embassy in US, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Robinson, US Representative Robinson, US Senator Dewine.
For the families of Hager and Sparks so you know that people who don't know you care. Sorry I didn't know about son and daughter when I e-mailed these earlier.

Dear Italian Embassy:

Please call for Italian and UN investigation of human rights violations by police forces
during the Genoa G8 economic summit. Global citizen democratic process must be preserved as
the world moves to a less isolated state. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights must
be guaranteed for protesters of any citizenship at these summits. USA citizens should not be
hurt in Italy and Italian citizens should not be hurt in USA for non-violent protest.
Sleeping activist at the school Diaz are no immediate threat and should not have been
tortured at the school or police station. I have written my US Senator, US House of
Representative, USA's UN Representative, the UN High Commission for Human Rights, and soon
President George W. Bush to ask them to sanction the behavior of police torture experienced
in Genoa and anticipated by activists in Washington D.C. this September. If there is police
torture in the USA this September, the populous will remove that kind of rollback of civil
and human rights from coalescent elected officials. I would hope Italian citizens will react
the same.

Please read the eye witness accounts of police brutality in Genoa on www.zmag.org and
www.altpress.org and investigate their alleged claims of torture (likely murder), false
arrest/detainment, infiltration of non-violent protesters by government/corporate conspiring.
It's almost a mockery to ask this of your press and consulate due to the ABC World News
Tonight broadcast on July 20th, 2001. This broadcast was watershed for me: it spelled that there
are new contrived government sponsor 'democacides ';how can I not write everyone that could do
something about it. It's obvious that the people tortured in Genoa were not rock throwing
criminals, they were sleeping non-violent protesters. Catch a person throwing a rock or in
the act of some violent crime and no one watching television across the globe will complain.
When Italian or Swedish forces torture and/or murder sleeping people, then global outrage
must ensue. I expect the victim's medical bills and complications will be long term, as
smashing bone would indicate. When did guilt by association come into legal due process and
when do courts give torture permission in warrants? Prosecute your police force, or share
the shame! The whole world should be outraged at the pattern of police abuse at these summits
wherever they occur. To paraphrase, 'there was blood splattered on the walls of the school
Diaz' from the beatings of police against awaken demonstrators. Also noted in the report,
were police striking members of the Italian parliament. Missing from the report was the
Italian authority's border crossing murder of the woman in the van who was a global/national
security risk because she possessed a kindling hatchet for camping and the tortures of school
Diaz arrestees at the police station. These additions will appear on USA news shows soon.
Gig's up, the global citizenry is connected to the web. Do something to restore your nation's
integrity and scathe the USA government for the same.

Bruce Lupfer
Dear Mary Robinson/HCHR Commission:

Please investigate the crimes against the exercise of democratic process for citizens
guaranteed by the UDHR. As a USA citizen, I am outraged by my country's lack of humanity in
not calling for sanctions against the tortures committed by the police forces in Genoa, both
Italian and Swede.

Enclosed are e-mail letters I've sent to US Senator DeWine R.- of OH and US House of
Representative Ralph Regula-R. of 16th Dist. OH.

Dear Ralph Regula,

Please consider any congressional or UN censuring of police forces in
Genoa for tortures toward activists.

There has been too much despotic behavior by host countries over the G8
economic summits. It's time to speak-out. I envision more wrongful deaths
and torture associated these summits. G8 governments are not eye-for-eye
citizen terrorists, but apparently employ/scapegoat their city police
forces for same. G8 governments are gutting global democratic citizen
process by hiding behind scapegoated city governments. They need called on

While the 2 deaths are abhorrent, there is no weaseling out of the beatings
and torture inflicted against activists arrested at the school Diaz by
police. Should this pattern of extreme violation of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights by government authorities extend to the September
meeting in Washington D.C., it will lead many to charge our own country with
the need for UN sanction
and prosecution. Non-violent protest must be protected and the human rights
of arrestees guaranteed for activists of any/all citizenship for global
democratic process to be preserved.

To repeat what's available from web news sources: blood splattered on walls
at the school Diaz, beatings and torture after arrest of activists at Genoa
police stations and at the school, Mussolini posters shoved in faces and
forced chants (?!),and Border authority violations of an activist's human
rights. Italy's President Berlusconi should call for investigation and
sanction against the police forces in Genoa or Italy should be censured by
the UN member nations.

Most importantly, please introduce or support a bill or house statement to
guarantee prosecution of any police force and/or its members for human
and civil rights violations against activists and any other person during and/
or connected to the D.C. hosted economic summit. As a US citizen, I cannot
abide torture and beatings by any public employee that has US citizenship.
US authorities must set a better example than Italy of preventing and/or
prosecuting human rights violations by any governmental authority and it's
employees as the host country. World citizenship democracy is here and the
US must insure the safety of non-US citizens in the democratic process if
we are to expect the same in non-US jurisdictions.


Bruce Lupfer

Dear Senator DeWine,

Please consider any current congressional or UN Human Rights censures against the police
force in Genoa for their tortures of activists at the recent meetings of the G8. The entire
senate and house should guarantee on their respective floors before September's meeting that
the United States will prosecute any police force- federal, state, or municipality- of
tortures toward activists of any citizenship at any time associated with the meeting.

From a recent ABC World-News Tonight broadcast source and various web news sources; I am most
appalled by the beatings by police forces in Genoa at the school Diaz. There was blood
splattered on the walls and torture of the arrestees again at the police station (- sounds
like Central America in the 1980's). What the police force did in Genoa should be prosecuted
by a UN tribunal.

When the G8 are disassociating from human rights issues during their own economic
negotiations, how are the most notorious human rights violating countries to take the G8
countries seriously when being censured by same.

If I as a democratic world citizen, I ever wanted to non-violently protest for/against a
world issue on foreign soil, this event curtails that freedom significantly. It makes me
wonder if the September meeting hosted in Washington D.C. will be as human rights despotic as
the Italian host. What will you do as my senator if happens to protesters this September that
are visitors from other countries and/or US citizens? As a country that defends human
rights, especially in the school Diaz incident, we should be censured by UN member nations
had these government-sponsored crimes been US hosted. There is a pattern of more than
defensive actions by host countries toward activists; we of all nations should not condone
any such actions by US citizen police forces this September.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights must extend, at the very least, to safe sleep for
non-violent direct democracy participants independent of anyone's disagreement with the
issues at the economic summit. If I'm inaccurate about this being a gross violation of human
rights, then spam me some e-news. Italy's President Berlusconi should condemn these
atrocities or be considered censured as well by the US.

The wrongful deaths of 2 activists are bad enough, but the chain of beatings and torture are
intolerable for the exercise of global democratic participation. These deaths were no
mistake, but the precursor of planned violence by undemocratic police forces that extended
beyond the dates of the deaths. Having been a law enforcement officer for six years and an
activist, I know both sides. This, sir, is putrid. Italian police officers must abide by an
oath to a human/civil rights constitution.


Bruce Lupfer