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Police continue tageting of activists at FTAA protest

Police continue to target activists at protests and marches. At yesterdays FTAA protest a mounted officer gave a ticket for blocking the sidewalk as two people were leaving with a long banner.
Yesterdays FTAA protest at Congressman Blumenauers office went quite well. Among the 60-70 people attending, there were good spirits, good signs and banners and many friendly honks from cars passing by.

There were also approximately 20 police. . .with about a dozen on motorcycles, a couple cars, and 4 mounted on horses.

The police, as usual, unable to refrain from exerting their power over people, had to look hard for some offense because all the protestors there went out of their way to adhere to the letter of the law. Finding no "valid" ticketable offense, they gave one fellow a ticket for blocking the sidewalk.

He was leaving the protest, holding one end of a banner. The person walking behind, holding the tail end, drifted to the right so that the banner was slightly askew. They were quickly detained and given the ticket.

Ironically, the officer on his horse was entirely sideways blocking the sidewalk for about 10 minutes during part of the ticketing process. His horse was skittish and a number of times stamped his hoof quite hard on the concrete, causing people nearby to jump. A few people who were trying to walk by, had to wait. A couple others slipped quickly by along the building, nervous that the horse might kick them. The officers were oblivious to this fact.
Selectivity of law enforcement 01.Aug.2001 21:05

C. Quigley caquigley@prodigy.net

Being among the first four people to arrive at the demonstration, three of us were struck by the fact that the police were already there at least 20 minutes before the rally was scheduled to begin and they were posted as far as 2-3 blocks away. We wondered how they knew about it especially as the rally went on and NO MEDIA ever appeared with the exception of one guy from KBOO. We also noticed police helicopters flying above us. As I stood there during rush hour with my sign I saw several people speed right through red lights with impunity. Obviously an illegal action with such potential for fatal consequences was not worth police action when such dangerous folks as us were standing quietly on the sidewalk holding signs of protest. Hmmm...

why Police were there early 02.Aug.2001 07:15


The Police knew about it despite no "mainstream media coverage" because they check this site multiple times a day.

If you post the URL for your protest's website, they'll check that multiple times a day as well.

I've had some experience in this area. :-) In fact, I've even received a call on my answering machine within a matter of *hours* after posting only an *update* of information.

Display of police power at Blumenauer rally 03.Aug.2001 10:52


I also was among the early arrivals at the rally, and being middle-aged and not a regular participant
in these types of get-togethers, was amazed at the police overreaction to the event and appalled to think
of what a waste of taxpayer dollars this was--absolutely outrageous--all for a very well-behaved group
composed in large part of the middle-aged working class. Is this how things are done now in police state
I resent being made to feel like a terrorist simply for exercising my constitutional rights to freedom of
speech and assembly. I have a new appreciation for the gravity of the erosion of civil liberties in my
country, and rather than being dissuaded from participating in these types of gatherings in the future, I am
more determined than ever to make it a regular practice.