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pedophile hysteria satirized online!

In an online downloadable show that could not be produced in mainstream or "alternative" media in the u.s.a., England's "Channel 4" has just become a pioneer for DARING to take on the ONE issue which even the most *devout* "radicals" and "anti-authoritarians" foam at the mouth over
pedophile hysteria satirized online!
pedophile hysteria satirized online!
Therapeutic states and their Devout followers of the world will soon be homing in upon Channel 4, the UK's pre-eminent hell-raising satire TV show. Why? Because this station has recently DARED to air the kind of program that is NOT ALLOWED to be even THOUGHT ABOUT.

"Insightfully, probably 90% of today's so-called 'radicals' and 'anti-authoritarians' play right into the hands of the therapeutic state," commented Fred Flynnstone after contemplating the uproar that this article would provoke in the u.s.a. "These strategically challenged persons just show how easily manipulated they are by the actual system of things. While they whine and sow their pretty priviledged wild oats at *acceptable targets*--often quite topical in nature, they completely miss out on how they are being fooled by the professional wolves in sheeps' clothing."

"Granted, the standard disclaimer has to be spoken," said an anonymous college professor delivering pizza at 4th and Main. "We're of course not saying that there's NO actual abuse of people; we're saying that one side of the truth is not being allowed to be heard and understood, as in all hysteria campaigns."

See and hear Channel 4's show now:
(first part)

(second part)
Both parts are pretty short and work on your Real Player

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Disgusting Pedophiles GO AWAY 01.Aug.2001 16:35

Black Samba

Holy shiet! I can't believe these predatory freaks come out of the closet and post web sites on the Portland Activist website. Who do you think is going to support you you freak?As a parent, I vote for the DEATH Penalty for Child Molestors.

Keep you sickness to yourself, or better yet, put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.