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20.8.:GLOBAL ACTION DAY:Our resistance continues!

Over 40 activists arrested because of the anti G8 protests are still in jail in Italy.
Let`s keep up international pressure to free the prisoners and to remind the public of the torture and murder,because it tents to forget very quikly.
20th of August
GLOBAL ACTION DAY:Our resistance continues!

On July the 20th activist Carlo Giuliani has been murdered by the police which fired two gunshots into his head during the protests against the G 8 summit in Genova.
On July the 21st the "Diaz" public school,which gave shelter to activists,has been stormed by police forces.The activists who were in it at that time,some of them asleep,were brutaly beaten and seriously injured.Some nearly died and a lot of them will have to deal with the physicall and mentall damage that this act of terror did to them for. the rest of their lives
In the police stations arrested people have been systematically tortured by the cops.
In the days after the summit,police continues their hunt for activists and arbitrarily arrests people.
There have been over 500 arrests,over 40 activists are still in jail in Italy.
This is the present climax of repression against the new global anti capitalist movement in the western hemisphere.

During the protests against worlbank and IMF that took place in Praha in September 2000 allready several activists have been tortured,during the protests against the EU summit in Gothenburg in June 2001 police shot activists from behind,one of them only survived by chance.
Activists were sentenced to long imprisonments(one of them to one year and three months).
Everyday and worldwide people who fight for a better world are beeing tortured and assasinated.

The western "democracies" are no exception;they employ means of police terror,when those in power face effective resistance.
Yet their repression only shows that they do not act in the interest of people,but in the interest of securing the current (oppresive)state of the world.

But their repression only makes us more determined!

Therefor we call for a global action day on the 20.8.,one month after the death of Carlo Giuliani!
Numberous people allready did actions in and in front of italian embassies,of t.v. chains,party offices etc. in order to express their rage and grief about the assasination and their solidarity with the imprisoned and the tortured.

Come up with ideas,make actions,create pressure,spread the date and idea of this g.a.d.!


If you are planing actions,please let us know(city and country is enough,if it`s something public like a demo,it would be good to know,too)
RTS in Seattle is almost on the 20th... 01.Aug.2001 15:10


There's a reclaim the streets party that'll *almost* be on the 20th of August. The RTS Seattle party will be August 25th. Same week, anyway :-)