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Community Cycling Center distributes bikes to migrant workers

On Thursday, August 16th, the Community Cycling Center (CCC) visited two migrant camps to distribute bicycles to families living there. With volunteer support, the Community Cycling Center, whose mission involves recycling bikes, reaching kids and restoring communities, fixed up donated bikes to bring out to the migrant camps. They taught recipients how to fix a flat tire, properly fit a helmet and how to perform a basic safety check.

Landowners typically charge a transportation fee to workers. Because they earn so little for all the work they do, being able to possibly cut out transportation costs will give the migrant workers a greater sense of sustainability. Even though they only distributed 13 bikes this year, CCC Latino Outreach Coordinator Sarah Bentley says it's about more than just donating bikes. She hopes that this effort, which gained the attention of several media outlets, will raise awareness for the need to donate food and clothing to migrant workers as well. Next year they will work with as many organizations as possible to try to provide bikes on a regular basis.
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