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Local activists shut down terminal at Port of Portland

Local activists held a picket line outside of Terminal 6 of the Port of Portland today for almost 12 hours in order to prevent an Italian ship from being unloaded. They undertook this action to protest the violent and inhumane tactics employed by Italian police during the recent anti-G8 protests in Genoa, Italy. The workers at Terminal 6 are organized under the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and so would not cross the picket. This interruption in scheduling affected train and truck traffic in and out of the Port as well, causing thousands of dollars in lost profits. The picketers stood down for the second shift to respect the wishes of the ILWU workers who would not be paid if they couldn't work, and who were not as a whole prepared to take a stand against Italian fascism with the picketers that day. From here, the Italian ship goes to the Port of San Francisco, where more protests might be awaiting it.

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UPDATE: The Italian ship was picketed at its following stop, in Oakland, early on the morning of Friday, 17 August. [ Call to action | Video | Update from late Friday night | Follow the story at Bay Area IMC ]

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