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Farmworkers Gather In Yakima And Call for Amnesty / Forum To Be Held And Testimony Asked For


Over 3000 people gathered in Miller Park in Yakima Washington on Sunday for a rally to support farmworkers rights and to call for an amnesty of all migrant workers in the US.
Organizations present included PCUN, The Service Employees Union, Allied Printing & Trades Union, the Teamsters, Canadian Labor Congress, The Ontario Federation of Labor and The B.C. Government Employees Union pledged their support and expressed solidarity in the farmworker's ongoing struggle. full story | KBOO Evening News story

Farmworkers and Supporters Urged To Give Testimony:
On August 8th, US & Mexican Officials will be hearing testimony from farmworkers and supporters about workplace conditions and other issues important to trabajadores. The forum will take place at Yakima Community College starting at 9AM. For more information call the UFW at (509) 839-4903.

A Walk For Farmworker's Justice was held June 18-25 this summer. Throughout this march first hand accounts and photos were gathered on the conditions fieldworkers must work and live under. In July, Fred Meyer and Safeway implemented a boycott on Pictsweet mushrooms, responding to the labor practises found within the Pictsweet plant at Salem.

[PCUN | AFL-CIO | Canadian Labor Congress]