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The People Have The Power Tour Has Begun At The Portland Rose Garden

In a collective show of support for progressive political causes, some 7,500 people gathered at the Portland Rose Garden Complex August 4th to take part in a day and evening of activism-orientated workshops and speeches organized by Democracy Rising's People Have The Power Tour and the Pacific Green Party. [ Account of one of the workshops ] After the rally many signed up for local and global organizations, compaigns, and initiatives. The tables within the Rose Garden lobby were attended by many participants and flyers touching on range of issues were handed out. In contrast to the pre-rally reporting by the mass media as regards the antithapy of the public towards activism and electoral politics on a non-election year, voter registration sheets and yellow volunteer pledge forms were being filled. more | pics

Action Centers Were Unannounced / Contact Information For Local Organizations:
The post-rally Action Centers were not announced at the end of the Rose Garden Arena rally. As the speeches ended thousands of potential volunteers left without the knowledge of the informational booths hidden beneath the Rose Garden which espoused the very ideals that speaker Ralph Nader had earlier extolled the audience to become involved in. Some of the issues covered by the Action Centers were Instant Runoff Voting, Police Accountability 2002, FTAA and Fast Track, Campaign Finance Reform and many others.

A protest was organized by those who felt Nader cost Gore the election. pics | protest announcement with comments

Xander Patterson, Lisa Melyan, Danny Glover, Jello Biafra, Medea Benjamin, Mark and Jason Kafoury, and Ralph Nader.

Education Centers participants and speakers

The next destination for this tour: contact www.democracyrising.org for further news.

Not everyone thought the Nader rally was an unqualified success: [ Nader Rally- A Harsh Critique | How Nader made me an anarchist | Careerists and Reformists Try to Purge Radical Greens ]