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Portland FTAA and Fast Track Actions for August

Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment, Portland Jobs With Justice, and Portland Alliance for Democracy call for a series of actions in protest against the FTAA and Fast Track this month. Both these issues may be debated before the US senate soon, so citizens are asked to express their opinions while they still have time to do so.

Thursday, August 16th 4:30 to 6:00 - Visibility Action
Participants will be asked to surround the block around Congressman Earl Blumenauer's Portland office at Morrison, Grand, and Belmont with people and signs about stopping Fast Track, stopping the FTAA, and globalization banners. The organizers intend to send a strong message to Earl about doing the right thing on Fast Track, and to take advantage of the heavy car traffic in that area to bring awareness to the issue. Call Portland Jobs With Justice for more information 503-236-5573

Sat, August 25th 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. -"Cookies for Calls' Mobile Call-In Center against Fast Track
On the corner 37th and Hawthorne (at the Bagdad) passers-by will be asked to call their Congress people to vote no against Fast Track. Cell-phones, people, and cookies will be needed. Call Patrick Leet (503-620-7749) to donate a phone for the day, to participate with tabling, leafleting, and helping people make calls.

Saturday, September 15th 10:00 a.m. - Public Forum 'Free Trade's Dirty Little Secrets'
Sponsored by Portland Alliance for Democracy and Economic Justice Committee of First Unitarian Church Call 503-636-5049 for more info.

Local To Global list serve: get involved in organizing around corporate globalization in the Portland metro area. To join send email to xfrost@orcpr.org.
website: www.localtoglobal.org

Information on FTAA and Fast Track:
[www.tradewatch.org | www.fasttrackinfo.com | www.localtoglobal.org | www.oraflcio.unions-america.com]
[Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment, 503-736-9777 | Portland Jobs With Justice, 503-236-5573 | Portland Alliance for Democracy, 503-636-5049]