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Protest Nader Event at the NW Entrance to the Rose Garden (across from the ticket office) at 5pm sharp.
...before the Nader Rally...
AUGUST 4, 5pm
Where: Join us at the NW Entrance to the Rose Garden (across from the ticket office) at 5pm sharp.
Why: See the why page at www.naderprotest.org.
How: However you want. We'll have some signs to carry and and some thank-you gifts from George Bush for Nader voters.
Amenities: Coincidentally, this location is less than a hundred yards from Cucina! Cucina!, where cold drinks of all kinds are sold. We'll also have water.

homepage: homepage: http://www.naderprotest.org
phone: phone: 1-877-773-7448

Misguided energy.... 31.Jul.2001 21:36

Jason Morgan bayak@ureach.com

Speaking as a Pacific Green Party member, and as a board member of the Multnomah County chapter of the PGP, I would like to say that everybody is welcome at our event on Aug. 4th, even those that don't like us. We are trying to draw people closer together. Hopefully this event won't be about our differences.

Joining us on the 4th to talk about these issues are over a hundred other organizations fighting the right and corporate control of our democracy including Jo Anne Bowman, a progressive Democrat. What we want to do is tear down walls. The election is over and there is a lot of work to do. There was a clear difference of opinion during the election and we, the Green Party, don't want to dwell on the past, as our progressive brothers and sisters in other parties are seem to agree.

As Representative Pete DeFazio said in the Oregonian the other day "Ralph can bring in people who aren't involved in the current political process". Thats what we are working on, bringing those people off their couches that have said to themselves, "If I could only find out how to get involved!" regardless of their political affiliation.

Obviously we want you to choose the Green Party, but if you are willing to fight for globalization of democracy and sustainable economics and environemtal policy we will fight along side any party member, Democrat or otherwise.

Frustrated Democrats -- Pretty Funny 31.Jul.2001 22:41


These frustrated Democrats protesting Nader are hilarious. Losers (No pun intended). If Gore ever visits Portland you idiots should protest him for losing the election, as an incumbent, to Bush. If Gore had guts Nader wouldn't have done so well. The fact is Gore -- and the Democrats -- are beholden to the same corporate interests as Bush. Gore lsot the election all by himself, with some help from his brother in Florida.

As an anarchist I have to say it's pretty amusing to see reformists protested by liberals. Geez, all this infighting in the middle.

Ralph Nader is a Union Buster 01.Aug.2001 00:28

J McGuire

Protest away, but for the right reasons!

Ralph Nader has never allowed any of the workers in his foundations to organize. Case in point Tim Shorrock at MultiNational Monitor. The people who support Nader do not follow the principles they expect others to
follow. The are hyprocrites, (besides being shallow and entirely self-serving).

For further info check out


pointing the finger.. 01.Aug.2001 02:42


oh please...

Sure, point the finger at Nader because Bush stole the election, with help from his Dads cronies.

Point at Nader, yeah must be all his fault.

More registared Democrats voted for Bush than voted for Nader.

More people were people were either not allowed to vote,
or miscounted, or misvoted in Florida than voted for Nader.

Who are these people? Where are they getting their money to hand out gifts?

I love how all these well-heeled Democrats are going to come
out, in some kind of mean-spirited display. Where are these people when we are working to save Eagle Creek, or Fast Track? Instead of working on some important issue, they
come out to further piss people off, create larger divisions, and waste their energy on some kind of media
stunt to distract attention from Bush's Coup.

what a bunch of negative, bad-energy creeps. When you see light we'd love to have you protesting the issues that really matter (labor, the enviroment, stopping corporate greed..).

Entirely Bogus 01.Aug.2001 06:13

George Lewinsohn

You know what I think; I think this "Nader Protest" thing is a stunt devised by the organizers of this rally to garner attention from the press. It sounds really bogus to me. The democrats/republicans weren't terribly concerned about Mr. Nader last year, (despite all the "stolen election" stories) and are even less so now.
You guys/gals are going to have come up with something more original than this, and something a little less transparent.

Oh yes, incidentally, I voted third party, I voted for Hagelin.

No Worries 01.Aug.2001 07:54


What's up with these "Nader Rocks" posters? The guy is 100 years old and wears polyester suits. The word "rock" doesn't exactly come to mind when I think of Nader. He's not a threat to anybody, so I wouldn't waste a beautiful Saturday afternoon protesting him. When the Green party or whatever party he aligns himself with now brings in viable candidates, then I'll pay attention. Otherwise, this event is just an excuse to bring Eddie Vedder to town cause, you know, he "rocks" like Ralph.

Identity of organizer(s) 01.Aug.2001 08:56


Someone organizing something like this shouldn't remain anonymous. It raises a lot of questions to the integrity of the person and the event.

However, a quick spin around the internet block reveals the following:


Domain name information (verified):

Nader For Anything But President Committee
General Delivery
Portland, OR 97209 US

Domain name created on July 25th, 2001

Administrative Contact:
Smith, Marty


White/Yellow pages information (unverified):

Smith, Marty P
6320 SW Lombard Ave
Beaverton, OR 97008
Phone 503-469-9074

which is located at:

Lombard Plaza Apartments
6373 SW Lombard Ave
Beaverton, OR 97008
Phone: 503644-1609


djcentral user profile (verified):

Location: Portland, OR, United States
Member Since: 4-24-2001
Last Login: July 31 2001 at 9:36PM


Unverified information is, of course, unverified, and should be taken as such.

Bring It On, The People Have the Power 01.Aug.2001 11:24

Sister Mistral gjames@afscmecn75.com

I appreciate the concerns people have about what the Bush administration is doing to us and our planet. But by acting out of that fear, we abandon the truth that the PEOPLE have the power! When we are frightened/bullied into tossing our vote for that other guy just so we can stay in the game, it's time to change the freakin' rules! When we bury our conscience, we bury our democracy.

When I chose to vote my conscience, I chose to invite revolution (tired of 'waiting' for the 'right' time) and make a personal commitment to become an active citizen and organize for change. This is what the August 4 event is about. Let's not forget that.

Putting Goebbels To Shame 01.Aug.2001 11:26


The votes werent anyones (not even Naders) to have in the first place.

the facts:
Gore won tens of thousands of votes in Florida (and elsewhere) that were denied due to elections

He refused to stand up for the minority vote even when it was clear that elections fraud had taken

For every Democrat that voted for Nader, 10 voted for Bush. This fact seems to escape most
debaters. So are you going to blame the Democrats for "losing" Florida?

Some conjecture who knows?:
Voters who cast Green ballots, even after the media blitz to discredit and belittle their candidates
would have never voted for Gore anyway.

In fact a few of these were even disaffected Republicans
who like the Nader stances on small farms and businesses and the pirrana-like (and abbetted by both major parties) corporate mind grab on children. so how do Democrats have a basis in saying that Nader "costed" Florida? The votes werent anyones (not even Naders) to have in the first place.

I hope everyone remembers how serial the election was how the debates were framed and reported(propaganda that Goebbels would have aproved of) This election was a watershed. A nicely concise history of the election and the sellout aftermath in which a whole population lost their vote is on the web. Read on...


Saturday Afternoon Party 01.Aug.2001 22:21

The Tracer

Well, it seems the pseudo-liberals in the democratik party are going to "protest" Ralph Nader coming to Portland to raise a few buck$ for the green cause.

The democratik party claims to love the environment, yet supported the anti-environmental policies of both the bushes and clinton.

The best way to help the environment (and lower gas prices by decreasing demand) is to stomp some pseudo-liberals who think that nader is the source of gore's loss to bush jr.

"But tracer, how will this help the environment and lower gas prices?"

Good question, stomping of some pseudo-liberal cry babies is good for the environment becasue they cannot use their suv's if they are in the hosptial recovering. And if they cannot drives those smog belching land-yachts around that will only decrease demand and increase supply, lowering gas costs.

So, in closing. Join me and others Saturday at the Rose Garden (ironic name, seeing as there are no roses near by)and beat on some cry-baby pseudo-liberal democrats.

Thanks you, and good night.

The Tracer

liberals, democrats, republicans-FUCK OFF! 02.Aug.2001 00:43


Anyone who votes upholds the systems of oppression that bind all of mankind ie-racism, sexism, classism etc. If you REALLY want change, ignore the media voting propaganda machine and fight for real change. Remember "if voting changed anything it would be illegal." Gore=Nader=Bush=Hitler

Oh YEAH?! 02.Aug.2001 03:51


Where were these protestors of "third party spoilers" in 1996? You want us to give up our voice and OUR votes....If you're so progressive, why didn't YOU at least vote your protest of the ownership of the two-party system, the U.S. Goverment, and the whole world by the multi-national corporations when Bill Clinton was a shoo-in for re-election? You could have stood with the Greens (or any other third party) and voted your conscience with as much confidence that Dole would lose as I had confidence in 2000 that Gore wasn't worth my vote! Where was YOUR cooperation then?! Besides, as said above, more Democrats voted for Bush (or DIDN'T VOTE) than voted for Nader. (Where'd you learn to count? Florida?!!)

Unless you're going to the Nader rally to pick up petitions to put INSTANT RUNOFF VOTING on the ballot, I don't want to see your sniveling faces.

Nader=Hitler 02.Aug.2001 05:50

Green Nazi's for Nader

Nader really does equal Hitler, as this website will attest.


"if voting could change anything..." 02.Aug.2001 11:26


"if voting could change anything it would be illegal"

This conveys a good message, the idea that bringing about change means more than electing people to rule over you.

However, the logic of this oft-repeated statement is deeply flawed. It assumes that anything that can create change already is illegal, and therefore if voting could change anything it too would be illegal.

Well, I can name hundreds of things that create change on some level that aren't illegal. Last time I checked art, love, and volunteer work weren't outlawed.

The point is not that we aren't repressed (we are), but that any step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction. Yes, electing Nader President would still perpetuate an unjust so-called "democratic" system, but wouldn't we be that much closer to our ultimate goal? Absolutely.

I've read much revolutionary literature, and almost all of it continues the pervasive idea that revolution happens overnight. It doesn't. The first American Revolution didn't, the second one won't either.

Why Nader? 02.Aug.2001 13:35


Who died and made Nader God. Last time I checked there were several other cadidates who were more principled and capable than Nader, and who were selected more democratically.

As to elections, dream on Josh. Ultimately, nothing is going to change until the managers of the money supply are accountable directly and democratically to the citizenry. That you can bank on!

fone bill fun 03.Aug.2001 11:28


While I would never advocate intentionally running a person's phone bill through the roof, there is a toll-free info line for the anti Nader demonstration. I'm not sure whether toll-free line holders pay per call or per minute, but the number is 1-877-773-7448. Have fun.

Nader Protest=Fun 03.Aug.2001 19:35


Come on Naderites -- don't take yourselves so seriously. Laugh a little. I think the Nader Protest is fun and mischievous. It's adds a little levity to the situation. Politicians of all stripes (Demos, Republicans, AND Greens) usually take themselves way too seriuously. It's good to make fun of politicians (Nader included) cause it brings them off their moral high ground.

who is this? 03.Aug.2001 22:17


Nader For Anything But President Committee
General Delivery
Portland, OR 97209

Registrar: Dotster ( http://www.dotster.com)
Created on: 25-JUL-01
Expires on: 26-JUL-02
Last Updated on: 25-JUL-01

Administrative Contact:
Smith, Marty  thetruewheel@djcentral.com
Nader For Anything But President Committee
General Delivery
Portland, OR 97209

Technical Contact:
Smith, Marty  thetruewheel@djcentral.com
Nader For Anything But President Committee
General Delivery
Portland, OR 97209

Domain servers in listed order:

Who is this? 03.Aug.2001 22:25


80 Broad Street Suite 8a
Red Bank, NJ 07701


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
80 Broad Street, Suite 8a
RED BANK, NJ 07701
732 345 8422 (FAX) 732 345 8424

Record last updated on 11-Jan-2001.
Record expires on 30-Dec-2002.
Record created on 29-Dec-1995.
Database last updated on 3-Aug-2001 13:05:00 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


Who is this ? 03.Aug.2001 22:31


Name: Marty Smith
Email:  mlsmith@praxima.com
Phone: 503-295-6806
Fax: 503-295-6876
1306 NW Hoyt, #302
Portland, OR
USA 97209

What? 03.Aug.2001 22:54


Source of Light Ministries International GA 1-877-773-7448

Source of Light Ministries International
1011 Mission Road
Madison, Georgia 30650
United States of America
Phone - 706-342-0397
Fax - 706-342-9072
E-mail -  sol1usa@sourcelight.org