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Mumia in court Aug 17th!

Philadelphia on FRIDAY, AUGUST 17.

It has just been confirmed that Mumia WILL BE IN COURT in
Philadelphia on FRIDAY, AUGUST 17. The 17th is the anniversary of
Mumia's first execution date in 1995. This hearing is in the State
Courts, and stems from papers filed by Mumia's new lawyers -- Marlene
Kamish, Eliot Grossman, and Nick Brown -- to take the appeal back to
the state courts based on ineffectiveness of former Counsel.

We are urging everyone who can possibly come to Philadelphia on that
date to begin making plans to do so. We MUST have a substantial
presence to demonstrate to the court that, even in the dead of
summer, all eyes are on its actions and that the people will not
tolerate this frame-up no matter what legal reasoning it may be
couched in at any given time. Over a dozen buses are already being
filled to bring people from New York; for more details about plans
being made in your area contact your local Mumia support
organization, or call the Philly office at 215-476-8812 or 215-476-

address: address: www.freemumia.com

What Do We Do, If we are not in Philly? 08.Aug.2001 15:10


What do we do If we are not in Philly?

We have a Mandella in the making.

Fifty year olds are upset about this.

What is next to do that is in decorum
with that age group?