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International Campaign to Free Ali Khalid Abdullah, Medical Condition

Ali clears up all of the confusion concerning his medical condition and treatment. He also explains the reasons for the guidelines he has chosen concerning the letter writing campaign.
DATED: JULY 24, 2001 TO: AN OPEN ADDRESS TO ALL COMRADES FROM: ALI KHALID ABDULLAH SUBJECT: MEDICAL CONDITION, INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN Comrades: Please be advised that on July 16, 2001 I was sent to Duane Wates Hospital (DWH) a prison hospital, and received laser surgery on a cancerous lump on my thyroid, which is at the back of my throat. The surgery went well. There was no pain, no problems. The procedure did not take more than 20 minutes. I want to thank the many of you who had first heard of my having throat cancer and responded. However, the first report of my having "throat cancer" was incorrect and I take responsibility for that, though I do not take responsibility for that information being exposed to anyone. It was NEVER intended to be exposed but communication by snail mail being what it is... it was released. I have already explained this but I will do it again for the sake of making sure no one is confused. Initially when I went to the doctor complaining about my throat he had examined me and discovered a yellowish hard growth at the back of my throat. After several weeks and tests it was discovered the growth was cancerous. Without my knowing anything about medical issues, I assumed it was "throat cancer" and had related that to a select few people. Unfortunately that was leaked out. After going back to the health services and my asking more questions I was informed that I DID NOT have throat cancer but THYROID CANCER and that it was not life-threatening where it could spread throughout my body. Unfortunately by the time I went to tell this to the select few, it had already been placed on the web that I had throat cancer and the MDOC was refusing to treat me. In that regard, I never said that the MDOC had refused me treatment. I had told "the select few" that I was NOT GOING TO HAVE TREATMENT AS A FORM OF PERSONAL PROTEST. Somehow, that too got misunderstood and came out the MDOC was refusing me treatment. However, I realize that people make mistakes and none of us are above this. Thus, I had personally written many of you and explained the circumstances and I had written an address to have placed on the a-infos so that everyone else would know what was happening and what went wrong. Also, to inform the many of you NOT to write to any MDOC officials or the Governor of the State of Michigan demanding that they give me medical treatment. But again, I am doing okay and coming along great and gaining my energy back to fight even harder than before and to really try my best to make a difference. In terms of the INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO FREE ALI KHALID ABDULLAH, which is suppose to be in operation... I have written to comrade Bart Dalle of ABC Ghent in Belgium and sent to him; 1) a cover letter; b) a draft letter addressed to State Senators and Representatives; and c) a list of State Representatives names and addresses and have asked that the FOCUS of this campaign be to write the State Senators and Representatives (according to the draft letter I had sent, but to use their own style in writing) so that the focus be on the Michigan Paroles Board's constant refusal of my parole. The reason I wanted to take this particular route was explained fully in my cover letter that I had asked to be included on the a-infos for everyone to read whereby having a complete understanding of my reasoning. The Michigan Parole Board is under attack and scrutiny by the Federal government who have agents in Michigan looking at the Michigan Parole Board and the tactics and reasons they have been using to keep Michigan Prisons artificially overcrowded. Also, various mainstream newspapers, college professors and lawyers have been writing about the prison system in Michigan and have commented on how Michigan's parole board are keeping the prisons in Michigan overcrowded by artificially denying eligible prisoners a parole so that the prisons remain full and more tax dollars are used to fuel the many prisons in Michigan, which has become a very lucrative business in this state. Thus, in my knowing that this is happening I decided that the focus of my campaign release should be adding to this pressure by asking the relevant questions and presenting a strategic letter to various state Senators for them to also review the Michigan Department of Corrections and the parole board. Often these Senators only know what the officials for the prison tell them, and do not know the real activities behind the scenes. The comprehensive letter I put together was a means to get them to shape their focus more so on the parole board over why I am in prison, which is why I framed the draft letter as I did. However, I have received only ONE letter from an individual who seems to be confused by this and have acted as if they did not know I was in prison for "Assault With Intent to Rob While Armed" which I am sure all of you know because I have exposed this and the reasons why I was given this charge. But this party felt that Senators ought to know this as well, and I disagree. I disagree because that is not the focus of this campaign. The focus should be exactly as I had stated and for the reasons given. If the federal government and news are already breathing down the back of the MDOC and the Michigan Parole Board, why not continue that pressure? Focusing on the reasons why I am in prison only wont do anything to add to the fire that has already begun. It would only distract the fact that the parole board is deviseley out of control. Also, I crafted the draft letter to the Senators as I did, because if we are going to flood them with letters, we must use a certain CONVENTIONAL tactic and approach. I felt that this is a good approach to use at this time. We must remember, these senators are POLITICIANS and they do not want to be exposed for having received thousands of letters about a parole board THEY oversee and have not done anything. That would be bad publicity for them and political suicide to their careers. They know this and this is why I have chosen this type of line to engage. Now that I have fully explained this... I hope it isn't hard for anyone to understand and will aid in this effort. As for the operations or the actual function of this Free Ali Khalid Abdullah Campaign... I do not know those details or any further information on that at this particular moment. But I do ask that all of you lend your aid and support and follow the tactical line that I have proposed. If we do, I believe we can HAVE A VICTORY! In closing, as many of you already know, I came to prison for my attempts to stop a major drug dealer who refused to take any action for one of his drug sellers sexually molesting an 11-year old girl. As a result of that I was ambushed and shot and after recovering from the hospital sought after the individuals. Found out that the major dealer had a business that was being used as a "front" to sell large amounts of drugs from and where he stashed large amounts of money. My intentions were to appropriate the funds and redistribute the majority of it, and keep a portion to fund future operations along this line. However, upon arrival at the business we discovered that we were there at the wrong time and the employees there DID NOT know anything about the illegitimate business. At which point, we apologized and left the premise taking nothing, harming no one and leaving. But was captured 2 miles away and charged with the crime of which I am in here for now, which I took a "No Contest" plea so that there is nothing on the record where I admitted that I had done, or gave the reason for what I had done, so that the JUDICIAL record remains cold, and thus not cause possible further investigations into me and my comrades activities, which, ran the risk of us possibly developing cases that would have us never see the streets. And it is for these reasons why I am not able to expose or express anything further here, but I do hope you all are able to clearly understand the seriousness of what I am saying. With this said, I again, thank you all for your patient understanding... ask for you forgiveness for any and all confusion you may have had... and ask that you please, please join in this effort to gain my freedom by applying the pressure needed on the State Senators for my release. Thank you all so much and may we be fighting in every strategy and way we can til ALL ARE FREE! In the trenches... Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130 3225 John Conley DR. Lapeer, MI 48446