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Seattle RTS! Aug 25th

Hey Portland! Come join us.
Greetings All!
August 25th!
Meet at Denny Park (corner of Dexter and Denny). We will start assemblying to march at 5PM sharp! We will likely have a band or two playing before 5 so come as early as you like since well it is a park.
Legal observers will be present.
We are having a puppet making day soon so email us if you want to help.
We will have medics at the march.

Other things to keep in mind.
This is our first (of we hope many) rts events in Seattle and we have a major lack of experiance and money. Something (maybe even everything) will go wrong.
We will being having a security team who will be easily identifiable. They will try to keep a buffer between the police and the main group in order to discourage illegal arrests (like those that happened at wto2) and discourage actions or provacotuers the police might use as a justification to crack down on the march. The main job of security people will be to listen to any problems other participents encounter and try to find a solution that respects solidarity, diversity of beliefs, and individual perogative while still protecting the safety and options of everyone else. Most of the security people are anarhcists and pacifists who want to change the typical role of "peacekeeper". Solidarity with all!
We will have two sets of guidlines we will ask people to agree to. One for as long as the police are peaceful and one for if they become violent.

Comments/questions/hate mail (which we have been getting a bit of lately from (we think cops) people saying the cops are going to kick our asses, calling us dirty hippies, and saying how teknoo music leads to impotency, and causes girls to become sluts) can be sent to  rtsinfo@bolt.com

thank you. Seattle RTS!

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More information and updates at  http://reclaimseattle.tripod.com