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Call for Video Submissions to Cascadia Alive!

Eugene's weekly live public access TV show, Cascadia Alive! is rebroadcast in Portland every Sunday at midnight and Monday at 10 pm. It only makes sense then for CA to solicite video submissions from P-town! If anybody's got local or international news, commentary or documentary of up to 15 minutes (less is great) you can contact CA via the Cascadia Media Collective @ www.cascadiamedia.org and  thecmc@efn.org The show's got a large viewing audience here in Eugene and hopes to gain attention in Portland. You can help by contributing and/or spreading the word about the rebroadcast times.
let's get together!

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiamedia.org

Anarchy Forum TOO! 31.Jul.2001 15:00


Oh, 30 minute submissions to the local show "Anarchy Forum" are also welcome, email Anarchist Action Collective and we'll pass the msg allong.


re; Cascadia 01.Aug.2001 13:45


... any possible way this program could be seen in Seattle?

seattle, wa