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The riots on the streets of Genoa last week were the worst violence seen in Europe for
decades. But the secret 'torture' of Britons in police cells was even more horrific. The
truth is finally emerging.
The globalisation debate - Observer special
Special report: globalisation

Paul Harris, Nick Paton Walsh, Martin Bright and Rory Carroll in Rome
Sunday July 29, 2001
The Observer

The police were tidying up. As cafe owners opened up and street cleaners swept away the rubble from the day's rioting, the officers deployed to deal with the riots at the G8 summit last week set to work.
A squad jogged down Cesari Battisti Street, battering anyone in their path. They then headed for a school where Norman Blair, a 38-year-old Londoner, and other anti-capitalist demonstrators were staying. It was just after midnight. The police did not knock. It was payback time.

They rammed the gates to the school with an armoured car. The first in the line of fire was Mark Covell, 33, a journalist covering the summit. He was outside the building when he saw the police coming. He tried to run, but he did not stand a chance.

'I heard my ribs break, like snapping matchsticks. I thought, my God, this is it, I'm going to die,' he said. Splinters of rib punctured his left lung; 10 teeth fell from his mouth. Blood obscured Covell's view as the police charged past him and he collapsed. 'The last thing I heard was a lot of screaming. Then I lost consciousness.'

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Some mainstream media emails to barrage re: m 30.Jul.2001 11:00

by me 7:00am Mon Jul 30 '01

Do your level best with a mainstream media letter campaign for those missing in Genoa. (Ref. Italy and U.K. IMC.) And save the list for future campaigns.

Request: information sought regarding our missing friends
from the protests in Genoa. American and Brits among the
disappeared?? Please help us find them. Then we campaign! We are among the world's finest activists --we show them why we are called this-in our efforts to find the missing
and to get the illegally detained set free. Call.
Here are some mainstream media emails to bombard with requests forinformation about the "missing persons".

Please add emails to this list if you know other mainstream media emails in the UK and Europe. Also italian embassies emails. We must work hard to find them or discover what has
happened to them. The UK media are now on our side. We must
make the most of this window of opportunity to pump Canadian
and US papers to do their job. Be polite. A spoonful of honey gets us further than a barrel full of vinegar. The
object is to get them all out of Genoa alive.

add your comments

a few more in the UK
by zedhead 9:19am Mon Jul 30 '01


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