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Whistler: Something to think about for the G8

Here's a plan to offset the huge costs of these protests so the citizens of the host cities will be on our side:
Here's a plan to offset the huge costs of these protests so the citizens of the host cities will be on our side:
This is an expansion on a post seen here previously, I have been given permission by the poster to use its kernel of truth and expand upon it.

Admitedly, Whistler was an embrassement for us! A lame turn out, it rained, we were wet and frustrated! And then we had eggs thrown at us and were called all sorts of names by the citizens of Whistler and told to get out of their city! Fair enough. After the destruction and rampage in Quebec City and Genoa - who can blame them, honestly!

We do not have the support of the city and the people anymore...this is a FACT! In Quebec they scorned us, in Genoa they beat us afterwords and now we were egged in Whistler...what's next...a pie in our face?

Someone posted here before that if the people only knew the true costs of policing us would they then wake up and smell the roses. This is not true! Policing is a small part of baby-sitting us - and that's what they really do - baby-sit us on behalf of the citizens of the city.

I suggest that each city get together and come up with some sort of framework and price scale to charge protest groups for the right to protest! It would be a sliding scale that would revolve around a few things:

- the number of protestors involved
- the number of anarchists that each group has
- the length of time the protests would take to ensure their message is heard
- the number of streets that would have to be closed
- the estimate clean up afterwords

in turn, the city would be able to come up with an idea of the cost of policing the protestors, ie:
- the # of riot cops
- plain clothes cops
- undercover cops
- # of buses to be used as holding cells or transportation to jail
- # of dog handlers
- estimated amount of tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets
- estimated # of gallons of water for the water cannons

If it is a huge protest: then the estimated length of reinforced barriers with chain link fencing and/or sea-lift containers
- estimated # of cruise ships to house delgates

and other incidentals such as:
- estimated amount in Canadian $$ of lawsuits against the state, police, city politicians, by protestors who scream "abuse" afterwords, etc
- the estimated # of cobbles, mail boxes, newspaper boxes, lamp posts, cars, store windows that would have to be boarded up or removed from the streets
- the estimated amount in LOST wages and revenue that local businesses would suffer from the closure of streets, etc.

Now, if many Protest groups are planning to attend, this cost could be split between all of them therefore making it easier and more affordable for the MADD group to protest while harder for workers Unions or AT&T to protest!

In my opinion, this would further our cause as the burden of baby-sitting these protests will fall on us - the protestors ourselves. And of course there will be special ryders on the form/contract that would include extra costs incurred for damage to businesses etc. And this works great as since the protestors themselves are footing the bill we would be less likely to do serious harm, damage to the host city!

I'm open to more opinions on this. I think it is a great idea!

The citizens won't hate us because not only are we paying for our own protests but we can charge an extra entrance fee to those citizens who want to join us as we march!!! We could make a killing!

Anyways, email me if you anything else to add!

From the front lines,

I'm Mark Reisman


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Get a Real Job 29.Jul.2001 19:41


Hey Pig, why don't you get an honest job, instead of mooching off our hard earned tax dollars. I know, I know the only thing you like is eating donuts, drinking beer and playing with yourself; and since the local Dunkin Donuts won't have you, the nearest brewery is 200 miles away, and you don't have the physical equipment to be in porn, you are left with no options but what you are doing and crime. Correction, what you are doing is a crime.

So whats a mother to do? Have you ever thought of killing yourself. It might be better for all concerned. Just take out your little gun, put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger. Should you like to discuss this with us, drop us a card with your real name, telephone, and address. See You Pig

phew 30.Jul.2001 07:47


Bullshit-detector reading: high.

disinformation 30.Jul.2001 08:05


Bullshit-detector reading: confirmed.

"The person posing as 'Mark Reisman' is the same poster that has been plaguing CMAQ (cmaq.net) with right-wing bile and disinfo for over two months. More lately at CMAQ, the person has become better known under the pseudonym Anne-Marie, although this is just one of dozens of pseudonyms used so far."

-- Dave, from  http://vancouver.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=3084

Send bill to summit leaders 30.Jul.2001 08:09


Regarding the original post in this thread by Mark Reisman = infiltrator (see previously posted thread PNWER PROTESTS IN WHISTLER - AN UPDATE), there is nothing wrong with the idea of calculating of a total 'bill'. The part where the poster attempts to put one over on us is when s/he suggests sending it to the protesters.

It is the summiteers (ringleaders) who create the conditions that make it necessary to protest. The summiteers represent the interests of their respective political parties, who in turn, represent a complex melange of interests: primarily that of corporations - since that is where the bulk of their funding comes from - but to a lesser extent, the interests of their citizen constituents. Unfortunately, when overall corporate interests clash with citizen interests, the corporate interests win out. Citizens must practice direct action dissent not only to restore the balance of forces affecting the policy decisions of the ruling political parties, but beyond that, to change the structure of the political system itself.

So long as the ruling party ringleaders continue to subvert democracy by serving the interests of corporations, they are the ones who should be paying the bill for summit protests.