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The PNWER protests in Whistler continue to build

The protest in Whistler continues to build. People are continuing to arrive, and the numbers are growing.
The protest in Whistler continues to build. People are continuing to arrive, and the numbers are growing.

We wanted to sleep in this morning, but the constant thumping drone of the RCMP helicopter was just too annoying. We strolled around and talked with several people who are here for the protest. People we talked with who have been camping out say that they have not been getting hassled by the cops or anyone else so far. People have not been camping in the planned tent city. They also wanted us to let everyone know that it is going well here so far; spirits are high and things are coming together.

The police have the entrance to the conference centre blocked, and are in fact keeping people back a bit further than yesterday. When we visited the conference centre, free food was being served right out front, under the watchful eyes of the state security apparatus. We mused that this could be the first free thing in history ever made available in the proximity of the Whistler Village--they haven't bottled up the air here yet, but everything else is strictly for sale.

We listened to a state legislator from the US talking with some people here for the protest. She was friendly enough, and seemed to be trying to communicate with and listen to the people she engaged in discussion. But it could only lead us to ask ourselves, "if the delegates can come and go from the conference centre unmolested by protestors, and even stand around outside police lines and chat with them, what actual purpose do the police lines serve? What precisely is being 'protected'
and from who?"

And we couldn't help but notice that yesterday, when we dressed like tourists we could walk right around in amidst the delegates while they were taking their break, but today when we broke out other articles of attire we were suddenly personna non grata...we must admit, our feelings were just a wee bit hurt. On the other hand, we couldn't help but muse, "maybe its time for a Tourist Block".
Please note: We need to correct information we posted yesterday on the young man who was arrested. He is actually a Warrior who has been active in the St'at'imc actions. We don't know exactly what he was arrested for.

It's cloudy in Whisler today, and not as hot as yesterday, but the weather still looks fine for a PNWER protest.

More to follow...

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