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August 25th Seattle Reclaim the Streets Transportation Being Offered

Need a ride to the August 25th Seattle Reclaim the Streets party?
August 25th Seattle Reclaim the Streets Transportation Being Offered
August 25th Seattle Reclaim the Streets Transportation Being Offered
Yo! For those that don't know yet, there's a Reclaim the Streets Party in Seattle that'll be going on Saturday, August 25th at 5pm (location unknown until day-of-event).

I've been in communication with the event organizers and this event definately has a fun, celebratory atmosphere to it -- there will be no violence or property destruction here!

They have a sound system set up for music, plus free food/water/entertainment/etc. Eclectic and creative by nature. As the original post says, "free food/water/music/juggling/love/ and other assorted fun. This is a participatory party. Let your imagination run wild and free. Jump rope, drum, skateboard, blow bubbles or kisses, draw with chalk."

Although they have been communicating to Seattle Police that they are committed to non-violence, non-property-destruction, we are talking about the city that gassed and beat peaceful protesters at the WTO so as they say "anything could happen", but the ball is in the Police's court. I hope they understand we are committed to being peaceful and just let us have our fun for the evening.

Personally, I got enough of a good vibe from the organizers as to the nature of the event to commit to bringing my bus up there. So! If you want to go up there, contact me and I can give you a free ride. I've only got room for maybe ten people though, so let me know early. It should go without saying that only those committed to non-violence/non-property destruction should apply!

Even if I fill up, Greyhound round trip is pretty cheap, or maybe you can coordinate mass carpooling with others. I definately reccomend going up there for this event. Advance word is that it's going to be huge and not-to-be-missed.

More posts to come on this Seattle RTS party as info becomes available...

homepage: homepage: http://www.earthjam.com
phone: phone: 503-274-9614

reply 29.Jul.2001 15:26


... do you truly believe you can tell people what they can and cannot do...? No property destruction? It's up to the police? I have nothing against Portland but you can stay there if you plan on driving up here to impose your will on the people of Seattle. Wh are you... who are these organizers? Do you wish to reclaim the streets for yourselves? If you are non-violent- fine. But do not try to flex your authority... let whatever happens... happen... I and many people in this city have been on the receiving end of SPD justice... and although I seriously doubt any trouble... I would never make any such pledge!

seattle, wa

reply 30.Jul.2001 07:36


I'm not telling anyone what to do, all I said is if you want to grab a ride from me, I don't want any trouble-makers on board. Simple.

re; josh 30.Jul.2001 09:33


... don't be so coy. You meant much, much more than that...

seattle, wa

m- please listen. 31.Jul.2001 16:23

a seattle rts'er rtsinfo@bolt.com

I'm not sure why you are attacking Josh so much. It is up to him who he gives transportation to. As far as the "organizers" your talking about they are mainly anarchists and random activists from the area. And yes it is up to the cops what happens because we have decided we want to have a peaceful event. This is a party/protest. If the cops decide otherwise so be it. That is why we are making two sets of guidlines. One for as long as the police are peaceful, and one for if not. We all know the brutality of the spd. The question is what is going to be effective. We are trying to bring people together before the Nov WTO meetings and anniv. If we don't get more people involved in the movement we are never going to have enougth people to mount a serious challenge to this city. If you have questions then email RTS at  rtsinfo@bolt.com