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report on arrest at pdx rally last monday

an eyewitness report on the arrest of mike b.
report on arrest at pdx rally last monday
report on arrest at pdx rally last monday
An eye witness stated to an indymedia reporter that he witnessed the police officer grab a man, (Mike B.) by the collar as he was trying to cross the street. There was an unmarked police car blocking the cross walk and the white walk signal was still on. The man reproached the police officer for blocking the crosswalk. He said something else to the officer that the witness stated he didn't hear as he attempted to walk around the front of the car while the witness walked around the back. Then the police officer grabbed Mike B. by the collar and two or three more police officers jumped on top.
A second witness stated that Mike B. was still on the crossswalk being held by an officer until they dragged him into the street and put their knees on his face.
I'm sure he deserved whatever he got 26.Jul.2001 19:18


I'm sure your colleague "Mike B" got everything he deserved. Supporting terrorism, probably verbally assaulting the police officer, plus, in clear need of a bath and haircut (probably free in jail!).

Reading your reports, I'm sickened by the stupidity of so many folks, promoting terrorism, destroying their cities, and such. Why not get a job and do something PRODUCTIVE for a change?

Mike is just a scapegoat 26.Jul.2001 19:30


I saw Mike B being carried off by Portland Police officers during the Monday Portland protest. The police and the powers that be have no idea to handle people like Mike who are active politically and mentally in the movement towards a concious society. My heart goes out to the people of Portland who are targetted by the police for their involvment in anti-capitalist actions. Mike, you're beautiful. As for the Portland police: Shame on you. Come up with your own ideals, don't mimic those of the elite class, which you are not part of.

"I'm sure he deserved whatever he got" 27.Jul.2001 09:17


xxx: I suspect you have also posted as "Anon" and "Portland Resident" in other posts. From reading those, as well as this one (especially the bath and haircut comment), it's obvious you're not interested in intelligent debate (which is welcome here, especially dissenting opinions!) but rather are merely seeking to rouse things up with a newsgroup-style flame-war.

We activists are smarter than that, though -- especially to an anonymous poster -- and are not so easily baited! :-P (blowing rasberry)

Mike D. 27.Jul.2001 10:00

cort greene

The police have a history of singling Mike out because of his knowledge of the law and being a good human being.This is just harrassment by the Police(occupation army used against poor and working people to protect the rich,an arm of the state.)

Response to Josh 30.Jul.2001 13:12


Although I may be slightly more conservative in my beliefs than others on this board, I do not condone remarks such as those made by xxx above. I happen to know and respect Mike B. and his work at the Liberation Coalition. As for whether previous postings by "Portland Resident" are by the same author I cannot comment on, I have never posted under any but Anon and that because I work in a field that would not be supportive of my views and support for direct action efforts.