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Alternative Media Convergence Meeting Sunday 29th

Detailing the Planning meeting for the Alternative Media Convergence August 4th
There will be an Alternative Media Convergence meeting Sunday the 29th
At 1 PM on that at Burnside Bean, corner of NE 23rd and Burnside
This will be a meeting to coordinate the participation
for all media cosponsors of the Independent Media Convergence Saturday Aug 4 at the Memorial Coliseum 2-6 PM (in tandem with the Nader political action tour). Anyone wanting to get involved and help with this event is encouraged to attend.
Participants in planning include KBOO, Portland Alliance, Alternatives Magazine, and Portland Indymedia.


The Alliance

Alternative Magazine

Free Learning Operation
More Info Please 30.Jul.2001 14:31

cherie cherie@cs.pdx.edu

Please post more details regarding this event. Front page would be nice! Ralph will be here this week - please make that info easy to access. Thank you.