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Proof That PNWER Protests Are ON!

Don't believe the hype about the protests being cancelled. This is an information war, and we can never forget that. The PNWER protests are on as scheduled. The group that has been organizing for it in Vancouver has been meeting daily. People are already up there in Whistler right now. It was covered by the media today and will be all weekend.
Here, from those of us who KNOW, is the proof that it is on: those who claim that it is cancelled (who would have NO authority to cancel it anyway since a well organized group has been coordinating it and still is, full steam ahead) have only offered fake email addresses, false names that no one knows, impersonated names or no way to contact them at all.

Yes, FALSE individuals have impersonated both Garth Mullins and Yves Engler by posting lies in their name that it is cancelled. But after suspecting that something was wrong, I followed my hunch and called Yves up to see if it was bullshit or not. He was totally shocked that someone was posting in his name and asked me to post this for him.

People, this is for real. This is an information war, and our enemies in the free market capitalist system realize it. That's why the RAND corporation published "The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico" under contract from the U.S. Military (available online at  http://www.rand.org/publications/MR/MR994/ ).

The whole point of the book is to figure out how to counter organizing tactics that arise during the internet age - specifically the Zapatista struggle, succesful because of decentralized, largely internet-organized solidarity work from all over the world. such as these over Indymedia. Looks like they've been strategizing, eh?

But the truth is on our side - the proof is that those who say the protests are cancelled will not post their phone numbers online, whereas those who have been IMPERSONATED will! So, by all means, give them a call and find out the truth for yourself! Ask them how for yourself how they feel about being casualties of this netwar, casualties of the corporate capitalist system PNWER would like to fully impose over our entire region, while silencing our voices.

Garth Mullins
(604) 831-6967
Yves Engler

homepage: homepage: http://www.resistpnwer.org