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Letter to Italian consulate futile

Sending a letter to the Italian consulate is futile
Anyone who thinks that sending a letter to the Italian consulate is going to influence them needs to go to the italia indymedia site and read about the brutality. The Italian government unhesitantly stands behind ALL of the actions of the police during the G8 summit. People are still missing and I have a friend over there who had his head split open and his genitals beat with a baton. He is still awaiting trial. The italian govt. doesn't give a shit! They are still going to try him for possession of eating utensils, this is days after the pitiful letter sent to the capitalist pigs. Wake Up and smell something.
in agreement 25.Jul.2001 17:45


Unfortunately, I think you are right about this. Infact, the circle-A spray painted was the least the demonstrators could have done. They should have torn the consulate to pieces in retaliation for their callous disregard for human life.

Better suggestion? 25.Jul.2001 19:40

Chris Pangle justifier@coinet.com

I don't think that the letter was the point, it certainly wasn't why I was there. If one wished they could have gathered thousands of signatures by standing outside of some department store for a few days and had passers-by put down their names not knowing what it is they were signing... I think the point was the solidarity represented in the marches across the US displaying that many people are angry and speaking out against this display of power. Will it change the events that have happened? No. Will it stop it from happening again? No. But it does show that there are people here who keep up with the atrocities committed and are willing to stand behind their own.

The question I have for you is: What would you have done that would have made a difference?

Something to think about.

Chris Pangle

Why bother 25.Jul.2001 21:43


The Powers-That-Be get scared when we get together in the streets and make a noise. The fact that they are shooting us proves that point. 300 people protesting in Portland, halfway around the world, makes a difference because it shows those Powers that we are resisting them here, there and everywhere. We must try, even if we ultimately fail, if for no other reason than because It Is The Right Thing To Do.

more endless dribble 25.Jul.2001 23:53


Unfortunately, I don't think the police shoot because they are scared of protestors. They use force because they are annoyed and frustrated. Protesting is great, if you have a cohesive group with a clear message and a significant amount of people (300-400 people does not really qualify as a large protest). As I have witnessed and participated in many protests in Portland, I have noticed a general lack of a clear message. Maybe it's because we live in such a laid back city, but Portland's protests seem kind of lackluster as compared to other cities. Also, they seem to attract people looking for a reason to scream in the streets, but really have no idea of what's going on. While I agree everyone should do their part no matter how small, I would like to see more effective leadership and less divisiveness in the progressive community.

Italian Government=Organized Crime 26.Jul.2001 09:01

James Arieli

There was a somewhat large picket of 4 people in St. Louis at the Italian Vice Consulate. One kid wanted to go in and talk. I said whats the point in talking with people that work for a fascist gang? We have more hope in building bridges with the pedestrian shoppers outside.